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Tithing Points refill

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  1. Through Bank (Current System)

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  2. Through Gold in backpack

  1. Saido

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    Hi all,

    I remember back in the ML days the only way to add tithing points was through the amount of money you currently had on your backpack. So if you wanted to refill your chivalry book, you would have to take an amount from your bank, go to the ankh and get more tithing points.

    The way it works in Uo Alive is different, it works based on the gold amount you currently have in your bank, this is great if you don't have a chance to access an Ankh near your bank spot, but the chances of that happening are close to 0 as long as we have Luna in.

    My suggestion would be to bring back the old system which allows you to fill your tithing points through the gold in your backpack, it is very annoying having to click 100 times to get 10k of tithing points rather than refilling with 1 click as it was with the old system, reason being, if you go 1 click, all the money in your account will go on to tithing points with the current Uo Alive system

    I am sure my mouse will be happier with that system, I also know this is just my personal preference and other players might not feel the same and it is also my convenience rather than anything else so open to discuss this here rather than discord, also it would be good for other players visiting the shard to know we have people posting in the forums.

    Thank you

  2. tr1age

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    It's actually a nice suggestion I thought you could still carry gold to tithe. Will take a look.

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