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    Get our your creative hats, time to decorate!

    There will be 3 categories to choose from

    • Best Decorated Classic House
      Includes: Castle, Small Keep, 2 Story, Patio, Marble, etc etc
    • Best Decorated Custom House
    • Most Unique Design Element
      Note: Custom Fighting Pit, Hot Tub, Piano, Tree or otherwise illustration of player creativity belongs in this category
    • Community Choice

    The Rules
    • Post pictures in this thread of your house, make sure to indicate which categories you are entering next to each picture of set of pictures.
    • Make sure to keep all your pictures for each entry in a single post.
    • The higher the resolution the better. (Avoid using razor screenshots, as they are low quality)
    • Any pictures posted between now and August 27th, 2018 will be considered for judging.
      Note: Make sure to post a variety of pictures of all decorated areas of the house!
    • Players can vote via a poll for their top entries!
    • For your vote to count you must have an established forum account.
    • On August 29th 2018 the winners from each category will be announced.
      Note: Should you have trouble taking screenshots of your house post the location of the house here and the staff will assist you.
    Please use https://imgur.com/ to post images.

    The Prizes:

    • The winner of each category will receive
      • A trophy and a sign placed on their house signifying their house as a contest winner
      • 500 Sovereigns
      • The choice between a furniture dye tub or special furniture addon.
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