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    Ultima Online is an old game. And thus has bugs. Not always, but sometimes. We want to make sure your bug reports get answered in a timely manner and resolved quickly.

    In order to do that we ask you review these guidelines and use the forums to submit them rather than an off the cuff "it's broke" comment on discord. While discord is a wonderful place to connect and trade and chat, it makes keeping track of bug reports difficult. This server is crowd sourced, meaning we are not asking for donations nor do we have an unlimited staff and funds to devote all hours of the day to finding false positives. We happily give you our time in exchange for a little of yours in these situations.

    Posting on the forums will provide us a written record of the experience, an organized account of the bug, and a way to manage and track the reports in a timely manner, and allow for you to really take the time to submit a valuable report. You give us a moment of your time, we will give you one as well to make sure your experience on UOAlive is the best it can be!

    These steps not only help us to know what the bug is but help you to determine if it is user error or an actual bug. So please take a moment to fill them out.
    1. BREATH, Google, step away, and if you still think it is a bug, carry on!
    2. If you have precise steps to reproduce - great! - you're on your way to reporting a useful bug report;
    3. If you can reproduce occasionally, but not after following specific steps, you must provide additional information for the bug to be useful;
    4. If you can't reproduce the problem, there's probably no use in reporting it, unless you provide unique information about its occurrence;
    5. Screenshots are awesome
    6. Use the "-Where" command so we get your coordinates! (INCLUDE ENTIRE LINE)
    7. What assist program are you using
    8. Give us evidence of it working differently than OSI by linking the information from either UO.com or UOGuide.com. Or provide screenshots/video from live.
    9. Do not message a dev on discord saying: SHIT IS BROKEN. That doesn't help anyone.
    Those who successfully submit helpful bug reports instead of abusing them will be rewarded for their efforts. If you have a solution for the bug, you will be rewarded even greater, as this is a free server and we always welcome helpful solutions!

    Thanks for being honest!
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    Awesome. Glad you all take this stuff seriously! :)
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