Dungeons, Champs, Bosses, and the power of time!

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    Okay hear me out on this one because I think it may be pretty awesome and hold some bragging rights to it as well for the players.

    So if you would wish to do a time trial, not in a race to complete or you lose everything but who can complete it with the fastest time killing all monsters/bosses/looting a specific item will hold bragging rights for the timed trial. Now this can be changed the meet certian critera or categories for monsters, bosses, looting a specific item and what ever else you wanted to add. Not only are you playing against the clock to see who can get it the quickest, you are also playing against a world announcement that says "Player 1 has entered the time trials of (dungeon / boss name)" so now there is more on the lines of Pks wanting to harass and test your might while you deal with the world environment.

    Now as for dying I would say if you die you are warped back to the healer of brit along with your body so Pkers cant loot in there but you are also timed out from doing another run for three hours. Rewards can be what ever you choose but I would say items, no gold or anything like that so the economy doesn't get messed up.

    Let me know what you think!

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