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    With the release of Guardian Armor, we wanted to give something fun to the Tamers of the server as well without totally overpowering everything else!

    We have found a way to do that with our implementations of Evolution Mounts. These are level-able mounts that grow with you as you fight with them!

    Currently there are:
    • HellSteeds (they like bloody dungeons)
    • Nightmares (mingling with the normal nightmares)
    • Polar Bear (not good on boats)
    • CuSidhe (fan of orcs and 4th level rp)
    • Kirin (tiny dancers)
    • Unicorn (8 levels deep)
    • Frenzied Ostard (a bunch of chaos where they are, guarded for sure!)
    • Llamas (they should build a shrine to them, but the natives won't let them)
    • Tigers (the jungles)
    Level 1 Mounts before evolving. Each level has a different appearance!

    So head out into the wild and find these rare tamables.

    Oh, you need to take their eggs and raise them as your own, so start slaughtering! Also you will need to find the Guardian Dust Spirit and get some of his goods! He is somewhere in a bloody Dungeon!

    Type [EP and Target an Evo mount you control to see its experience points.

    Happy Taming!

    Some tweaks may need to be done to stats of these pets in the future, there is only so much we can do in a closed sandbox test server. Please report to us if you feel a creature is not balanced!

    We will not be implementing dragons at this time, but we wanted to give your ride-able some more customization!
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    Growing Your Evo

    Each of the evos will advance through 7 stages except mounts which have a total of 6 stages. For every stage they grow they will gain more strength, dexterity, and intelligence. Growing your evo, or evolving a stage, is as easy as using your evo in combat. Every time an evo is attacking or taking damage they are gaining experience. Type [EP to view.

    Before you can bring your Evo out into the wild however you need to get one of the state of the art Evo Training Elemental from the Gold Vendor in Britain to train to level 3 on.

    There are also some in-game items called “dust” that can be used to help your Evo grow faster. These items can be obtained via special mobs. Feeding your evo dust will raise the level of his KP. If you happen to breach a threshold into a new stage you will not immediately see your evo evolve. You will need to simply attack something and your Evo should immediately grow to the next stage.​

    In addition, each evo has a full set of skills that must be trained as well. Skills such as magery, wrestling, meditation, and many others. You can view your evolution pet’s stats by using the skill animal lore and targeting your pet. These skills will train automatically as you use your evo in combat. Should your evo die, they will lose a bit of skill. Some of the skills are more difficult to raise than others. Wrestling may be one of the first you master and resisting spells will likely be the last.
    Mating Your Evo

    A stage 7 evo dragon or arachnid and stage 6 hiryu, undead steed and charger have the ability to mate and create evolution eggs or crystals. A mature evo gains the ability to be able to be mated with other evos. Only a female evo is able to produce an egg but the female must mate with a stage 6 or greater male evo. The offspring will not necessarily inherit any of the characteristics of their parents. This includes color, strength, intelligence etc.

    Mating must be initiated from the owner of a female evo by double clicking the female evo and targeting a male evo. The owner of the male evo will need to accept your invitation to mate. If accepted, the female evo will become invulnerable while she is pregnant. If this is the first time your evo has mated you can get an egg immediately after mating your evo but every time thereafter you will need to wait one real world month for your egg to cook. After the 30 days and fully cooked mate the evo again and then immediately double click her to receive your new egg. An egg can be hatched by placing it in your backpack and double clicking it.​
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