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    We have implemented the chance for certain creatures in this world to be part of the Exotic and Legendary group.

    An exotic creature is just for aesthetics and collecting. Such as Rideable Wolves and Dragons.
    They are labeled with [exotic] in their title.
    They will also be a different color from the normal creatures color and will require the base creatures taming requirement.

    • Unique Dragons have started to be sighted around the world in the darkest corners of the dungeons. These extremely rare creatures have special abilities and powers unlike anything that has ever been seen before. They each have special utilities and purposes. Taming one of these extremely rare beasts will be a major feat. but will reap great rewards!


      • These will be rolling out in waves, so expect more and more as time goes on.
      • Technical jumble: certain Unqiue dragons will spawn in specific dungeons depending on type. You will know what special ability they have by flavor text and seeing it in use, not lore. The color will also be an indicator.
      • A Unique dragon takes up 5 taming slots.
      • A Unique dragon will require 105-120 taming to make your pet.
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