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    First for those of you who know what you are doing here is the important info:

    Server Info:
    Port: 2593

    We support the OrionUO Client info on that below the normal install guide!

    For those who would like a more in depth instructional here it is!

    Client Installation:

    Step 1: Downloading the Classic Client

    Download the Classic Client (UOClassicSetup_7_0_24_0.exe)

    Or head to and download the classic client there.(which is the same as the link above) JUST DO NOT INSTALL THE ENDLESS JOURNEY CLIENT. THAT IS THEIR LIMITED F2P CLIENT WITHOUT ALL THE FEATURES OF THE FULL GAME!!!


    Step 2: Install the Classic Client


    Step 3: Patching your Client

    Ho to where you installed your client or the shortcut on the desktop of you opted for that and launch.


    Your client will automatically update. This may take time depending on your internet speeds.


    Step 4: Download UOSteam / Razor

    These are 3rd party assistant programs that let you to connect to our server, automate in game tasks, make hotkeys and macros as well as other useful things.

    We recommend UOSteam as it is more stable. UOrazor may be easier to understand right off the bat. You can have both installed without them conflicting so don't worry about your choice.

    UOSteam (UOS_Latest.rar)
    Razor (Razor_Latest.exe)

    Step 5: Install Razor/UOSteam

    Run your download from above and follow the installation instructions.

    Step 6: Configuring Razor

    Now that you've Installed Razor, you'll need to configure it's connection information.
    To do this, launch Razor from the desktop.

    Once it's open, you'll be shown the menu where you can enter our Server IP and Port. It should look like this


    Port: 2593

    Then click OKAY


    Step 7: Login and Account Creation

    Type in your desired Username and Password (An account will automatically be created)


    And begin the character creation process!


    You're all done!

    This guide was loosely based on a guide posted at thank you for the great groundwork to help new players with a difficult process.
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    Make sure negotiate features is checked and all will be good :)
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    Orion Client Setup

    1. Debug options - output debugging information to the window;
      • No debug - do not display information about debugging

      • FPS only - Отображать только количество FPS;

      • Debugging - Show debugging information (fps count, scale , loaded object amount e.t.c).
    2. FPS rate - Desired fps count (Actual may differ from the one indicated here under heavy loads and / or at a slow video card).

    3. Reduce FPS when UO window is unactive - Урезать ФПС если окно неактивно.

    4. Standard characters animation delay - Standard delay between changing frames of living being animations.

    5. Standard items animation delay - The standard delay between changing frames of inanimated objects.

    6. Use scaling in game window - use scaling of game window (test version).

    7. Remove object's text with alpha-blending - text deleting with alpha blending (smooth text removal).

    8. Draw characters status mode - show character status in the world:
      • No draw - do not show;

      • Above character (Text) - Show above character (displayed with text);

      • Under character (Line) - Show under character (gump with hp line).
      Draw characters status condition - conditions for character status display:
      • Always - always display;

      • HP <> MaxHP - Display only if hp is not equal to max.(more or less);

      • HP lower % - hp is lower of displayed % of max.
    9. Change trees to stumps - trees will be replaced with stumps;

    10. Marking cave tiles - caved tiles;

    11. Hide vegetation - hide vegetation;

    12. No fields animation - inanimate fields;

    13. Lock gumps moving - Ability to block accidental closing or moving of certain types of gump. When the option is on and Ctrl + Alt is pressed, locks appear on the available gumps. Green - gump not locked, red - blocked;

    14. Chat need press 'Enter' to activate it - For chat activation press enter;

    15. Hidden characters display mode - display mode of hidden characters:
    • Original - without changes;

    • With alpha-blending, alpha - uses alpha-blending, value is configurable;

    • With spectral color - uses spectral color;

    • With special spectral color - uses special spectral color;
    1. Change hidden characters mode only for your person - changes hidden characters only for yourself;

    2. Transparent spell icons, alpha - use transparency for cast icons. level is configurable;

    3. Old style maximized statusbar - in new client maximied statusbar is shown from old client gump;

    4. Original party statusbar gump - replace party statusgroup to basic;

    5. Colorize characters by state - colorize characters based on state (poisoned, paralyzed);

    6. Change animated fields to tiles - change fields to tiles;

    7. Add paperdoll slots - add slots to paperdoll for small things;
    • Scale images in slots - scale objects on paperdoll (test version);
    1. Remove statusbars without objects - remove statusbar,whose objects cannot be seen

    2. Show console entry mode under game window - console entry mode under game window;

    3. Draw aura under characters mode -draw aura under character:
    • Never - never show;

    • Only in war mode - show only if war mode is on

    • Always - always show.
    1. Draw aura only if Ctrl pressed - draw aura if Ctrl is pressed;

    2. Screenshots format - screen format:
    • BMP;

    • PNG;

    • TIFF;

    • JPEG (by using this type, there might be crashes).
    1. Remove or new draw objects displaying with use blending - smoothly remove/draw world objects/statics with alpha-blending use.

    2. Draw helmets on shroud in the world - draw helmet about shroud in the world;

    3. Draw world map before all gumps - draw world map for all gumps;

    4. No draw roofs - without roof draws.
    Download the Orion Client here:

    Download our server Client.cuo file here:

    Unzip the Orion Client into a folder of it's own.
    It is named Bin if you unzip it into it's own folder.
    Take your UO Client and Copy ALL contents to the new folder your Orion client just made.

    Run Configuration Editor and load the file Client.cuo above.

    Now run the OrionLauncher.exe and Point your path to THAT folder.

    Now fill out the server info:

    Now find in that folder: OrionUO.exe,
    dbl click it and the game will launch! You are all set. For more info on the Orion Client you can go here:
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    Enhanced Client:

    Download First:

    The enhanced client here:
    Run file to patch to latest game client.

    Download Second:

    The Launcher:

    RUN, Install, Create an account. Very straight forward.
    Enter in the server info and 2593 in the port.
    On account login, that is where you create the account, type in desired username and password! All set.

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    And we support Classic Client:
    I think you will all love it! It is a great client. And it is a simple, download and play setup.
    - Ultra Wide Resolutions up to 4k!
    - Over 200FPS
    - Smooth running
    - Build in Razor support
    - TONS of QoL features while maintaining the original UO look and feel.
    To access this client just login to discord and DOWNLOAD the fully setup client with IP and Ports already setup for you from the #helpful-stuff channel.

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