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    Raise Resisting Spells to 120 (Legendary) in Ultima Online

    The ability to resisting spells is one of the best skills in Ultima Online for both PVP (player vs. player) and PVE (player vs. Environment) play styles. As a PVP player, you will need to have high resisting spells in order to survive; in fact, most serious PVP players allow legendary resisting spells or 120 out of 720 skill points for the ability.

    Without high resist, your character will die instantly to a skilled PVP necromancer or Mage. Also spells like paralyze, poison and curses will cripple and stun your character for a long time unless you are able to resist them. If you are able to resist these spells, they will only last for a fraction of a second instead of leaving you vulnerable on the field for up to 2-3 seconds as other players move in to kill you off.

    PVE players benefit as well from resisting spells because certain monsters have high magery and evaluate intelligence skill and can kill you instantly without the skill. For example, if a paragon lich lord flame strikes you and you do not resist the spell, you will die if you do not have good resist! Even a lesser creature like a reaper will be dangerous to you and as you progress in the game, you will die often in the Doom gauntlet or when you try to engage a peerless boss if you cannot resist spells.

    Resisting spells was once a difficult skill to raise and the territory of only the most elite players but that is no longer true, it is possible to raise the skill to 120 or legendary level in under an hour with the technique in this guide. Players once had to spend hours in the bone magi room in Deceit or searching for reapers and water elementals to maximize their resisting spells skills.

    Fortunately there is a better way to raise the skill now to make your character ready for the unique and intense PVP action in Ultima Online a lot sooner. To begin raising your resisting spells skill, you need absolutely nothing any new character can do this method with or without armor and weapons; however it is advisable to purchase a horse. Next go to the City of New Haven and enter the area to the East of Town where there are roaming undead. Attack spectral spellbinders and round up at least 15 of them.

    Once you engage the spectral spellbinders they will repeatedly cast necromancy spells such as corpse skin, blood oath and curses that do no actual damage to your character. Let them keep casting and casting, just stay out of melee range.

    Each time your character has a spell cast on them by one of the spectral spellbinders, you will have a chance to automatically raise your spell resistance. If your character is a skilled mage, you can cast the poison field spell and it will cause all of the spectral spellbinders to keep following you and will poison the other monsters in this area that you do not want.

    Some Ultima Online shards may have a safe house that you can lure the spectral spellbinders to where they can’t get into melee range. If your shard doesn’t have a safe house, you will need to stay out of the reach of the spectral spellbinders by kiting them along.

    It’s important to remember that in Ultima Online, necromancy skills have a limited range so you will want to stay within seven tiles of the spectral spellbinders. It is necessary to continually attack the spectral spellbinders so that they will not wander away from you and stop casting spells.

    After only an hour your character will have maximum resisting spells skill which will help you for the rest of the time you use that character in Ultima Online. Be wary of anti social players who will rudely kill your spectral spellbinders as you attempt to train your resisting spells skill. If someone does do this to you, wait for the spectral spellbinders to spawn again, round them up and go to the outskirts of town where most players won’t go.

    If you follow the methods in this guide, you can quickly and easily train your new character or your old veteran character you never finished to have high resisting spells skill in record time so that you can get into the best action Ultima Online has to offer right away.

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    Which works fine, if you're still in New Haven... This should be the last skill folks work on, since getting any skill over 80 will remove your Young status, no?
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    My fisherman GM'd but was still young

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