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    We have introduced a new armor type called Guardian Armor! The goal of this armor set is to give Melee classes in UOAlive a huge boost in PvE. Finally you will get the chance to decide if you want to go toe to toe with a dragon light the infamous cover art!

    Ultima Online.jpg

    • As you fight monsters and are hit by them, the armor will level up. Simple as that!
    • The attributes this will increase have been tested to improve a melee characters change exponentially to keep up with tamers and other such forms of PvE. This is implemented to give you the choice whether you want to go toe to toe with a dragon or if you prefer to send in a dragon to fight for you.
    • This will happen organically over time and the attributes of your armor will raise substantially.
    • This armor will be level-able for melee characters ONLY and usable by someone with 100 in both tactics and any weapon skill!
    • This armor is bind on equip, so if you plan on selling it, do not put it on.
    • This armor will not effect PvP. It will only register if a monster hits you, not a player. And it will ignore the extra stats if you engage someone in PvP.(so basically you will have zero stats from armor)

    • This system is still somewhat new and instead of doing an elongated test center period with this, we are working with you all on live to tweak it to the last 10%. So please give us feedback on how it feels, how the mobs you fight feel, and what we can do to improve. Somethings just can't be figured out in a closed sandbox text world. This means all stats are subject to change as we see how this works out in the wild, but we will do our best to keep you informed on any changes, everyone wants this to be an even and fair system.
    How do I acquire these?
    • Head on over to the wicked Dungeon of Khaldun and you will see Guardians. They will have a chance to drop what you want! But they will be one hell of a fight!
    • Some of these Guardians are hiding behind shadows so make sure to kill off any you see to find out if they will come out and play!
    • You will also see some new monsters in the dungeon, these are amazing for leveling up your gear! We figured this dungeon is a great place to risk/reward these types of powerful items!

    So what are you waiting for!?! Get your Armor on!

    P.S. There may be a few more new creatures hiding in this dungeon. Something about levelable pets? Not sure... might need to hunt for more information!
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