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    Starting October 1st The UOAlive Halloween October Events will begin.

    -This not only includes the OSI 2012 events that can be seen here: http://www.uoguide.com/Halloween_2012 Say "trick or treat" to your local npc's and enjoy the Halloween Spirit!

    -Graveyards will also be getting invasions! These include daily activities as well as the rare ability to find named mobs that when killed have a chance to drop a random players named trophy from the server!

    -The Brit Farms to the west will have an overgrowth of Pumpkins, it seems your efforts in the graveyard pushed the evil pumpkins back underground! Be careful though, not all of them are what they seem!

    -A hedge maze with an epic boss

    - And last but not least all the fun loots! You can get event tokens to be turned in at the event token vendor in Britain or you will be rewarded multitudes of house deco and random festive items, weapons, rares, throughout the event!

    Events will scale in levels and there will be content for people of all skill levels!

    Last but not least we will be having a house deco contest! The scariest player house at the end of October will receive a special house deco item in memory of 2019's Halloween event!
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