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    Insurance has been enabled on this server. However there are a few caveats to make it more interesting!We have thought long and hard about this and with the way itemization is in AoS, we don't want those who spend days farming for the right gear to lose it all in a split second from a PK, but at the same time we want to make sure it is something you really need to PAY for if you want to insure your entire set of gear.
    • Left click your player for the toggle insurance gump.
    • Prices have been equalized at 2k per item you wish to insure.
    • To balance insurance for PvM and PvP it will cost 1,000GP per insured item if you die to a Monster. It will cost the full 2k per item if you die to a player.
    • Insured items CAN be stolen by thieves.
    • If you are killed by a player the player get's a percentage of your insurance money as a reward.
    • If you are killed my a monster you pay the bank.
    • If you are killed by a player or a monster you will pay the adjusted insurance fee noted above. (this is that risk versus reward thing, do you insure an item when fighting mobs with the off chance you could lose thousands on a mistake? Or do you only use it for PvP? The choice is yours!)
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