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Discussion in 'New Player Questions' started by Bohica89, May 3, 2020.

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    I humbly greet you!

    I currently play on UO Outlands and I am constantly being defeated by waves of outnumbering reds on their server. Their new tracking system allows reds to track innocent players and vice versa. I'm fairly new to the UO scene too.

    My thoughts on UO pvp are as follows so far, pvping in UO Outlands sucks. The power struggle is unreal! With the ability to script/hotkey/macro through razor and multi-client not officially allowed, but not being policed either quickly becomes a hard sell for new players to stick around.

    I came across your site merely by happenstance.

    Can someone explain to me what this server is known for in terms of PVE?
    What sort of things separates this server/community from others, etc who also offer PVE only shards?

    I was hoping to hear from people who have played on this shard for a while now, possibly 1 month or more, but will welcome any responses, humbly.

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    Well only here for 3 days so still figuring out stuff myself. What I encounterd sofar are helpfull people. They have 17 skills that don't count to yout 720 skillcap, but I'm told you need to train your primary skills first or you keep redoing those skillcap free skills trainingwise.

    Forum states pvp is with consent only and I accidentally ran into a battle arena for it.

    I am super craft oriented so wouldn't know about fighting gameplay, but skillgain in general is fast imo and if you join discord chat you get a ticket from the admin to set 5 skills to 90 skilllevel.
    Coming from another family shard (which unfortunately stopped) so far I think this is a nice one too. Some of my former co-players recommended this shard. Since I know them well I can say your good here.

    Hope to see you in game.
    Tintagel aka,
    Dyre, Ahi Tane, Ahora Ahau

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