Merchant's Trading Co. -Guild Recruitment-

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    Welcome and hello fellow crafter!

    We are accepting all new recruits of any type, here within the walls of the Merchant's Trading Company we allow all types to join the guild. We specialize in each division of the guild for Crafters, Guardians (combat bodyguards), Treasure Hunters, Fishermen, Artifact Recovers, and Spy Masters.

    When you join you will be on a trial period of sorts, once you clear that and meet the simple objectives that the guild has laid out you will be promoted to your specific class based on your character. We provide for each other, we also provide and protect all new life on the server as best as we can. The world is dangerous after all and we will do our best to at least combat the darkness.

    PM Nyght in discord or find Cali Nyght in game if you want to join! We have many benefits to our guild let us know if you want to become part of it!

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