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    Achievement Pts:
    To become a murderer/PK/or Red, you must kill 2 players in cold blood!
    This will flag you as a red player that can be attacked by anyone.

    Bounty System:

    • You can set cash bounties on Murderers properly.
    • Upon killing a murderer, you can cut their body and you can turn in the head of a murderer to a bounty guard for temp stat loss as long as they have a bounty (this will give them a 33% stat loss for 4 hours)
    • Bucs Den is now a no cut zone for the bounty system, meaning you cannot take their head for stat loss.
    • The GraveYard no cut zone has been expanded to encompass more of the surrounding area for housing. This is truly an outlaw area.
    WHY: The thing is PvP in UO is ALWAYS tilted in favor of the PK because the PK can scout and wait for you to have 100 mobs on you to strike. So the outcome is usually ALWAYS in favor of the red.

    So we have to find ways to make it so if you DO survive let alone kill the player, you get a reprieve for a moment to enjoy your win.

    That is where temp stat loss comes in.

    Brit graveyard is a no cut zone. So you cannot be statted there.
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