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    Enabling Samurai Empire, also known as UO:SE, is Ultima Online's sixth expansion.

    The expansion introduced several Asian themed elements into UO. Mostly, but not exclusively, these were drawn from Japanese mythology and folklore, and seem to reflect no small amount of research on part of the UO team.

    Two new skills were introduced: Bushido, the skill of the Samurai profession, and Ninjitsu, the skill of the Ninja profession. A new map, known as the Tokuno Islands was introduced. Official fiction held that the Tokuno Islands was the same map that was known in the old single-player Ultima games as the "Land of the Feudal Lords."

    These skills gave a boost to melee in PvE so you didn't default to a tamer.

    • Become a Samurai Master – Dedicate yourself to the art of Bushido, with powerful new skills and deadly new weapons.
    • Join an Elite Ninja Clan – Submit to the discipline of Ninjitsu, mastering stealth, deception, and the art of assassination.
    • Adventure on a New Continent, The Tokuno Islands – Explore a new Japanese-themed land filled with scenic housing areas, mythical creatures, monsters, dungeons, and more.
    • Lay Claim to Exotic New Treasures – New weapons, armor, clothing, house tiles, magic, and more will reward the adventurous.
    Ninjitsu Breakdown:

    Ninjitsu is the main skill of the Ninja, and combines the arts of stealth, espionage and assassination. With it, and the Book of Ninjitsu (purchased from Tokuno Islands scribe NPCs or looted from NPC Ninja), a Ninja can evoke a number of special abilities including transforming into a variety of creatures that give unique bonuses, using stealth to attack unsuspecting opponents or just plain disappear into thin air!

    This skill also counts towards your ability to perform Special Moves.

    A good suit of properties will make training quicker. Wear 40% Lower Mana Cost and as much Mana Regeneration as you can. Casting Animal Form appears to have no effect on active Meditation; you can double your natural mana regeneration rate during Ninjitsu training sessions if you first activate the meditation skill, remain in the same location, and then cast Animal Form.

    Gains may be slow or cease entirely from 57.5 - 60 using Summon Mirror Image. You may wish to start using Focus Attack on your mirror summons. There are 2 different ways to train with Focus Attack and Death Strike. Either attack a pet that is guarding you on the Trammel facet (you must not be in a guild) or summon a Mirror Image to attack on the Felucca facet. Alternatively, Shadow Jump seems to work effectively from 55-70; however, it will not work inside of a player house.

    [​IMG] Animal Form Mana Cost Minimum Skill The Ninja can use this spell to take the shape of a beast, granting himself animal-like ability. Animal form gives the Ninja the ability to transform into an animal, gaining special bonuses unique to each type of creature. There are 12 animal forms available to a skilled Ninja. The Ninja cannot use special attacks or cast spells while in animal form, except for Mirror Image and Shadow Jump.
    10 0-99
    [​IMG] Mirror Image Mana Cost Minimum Skill Creates a Mirror Image of their self, which can absorb a single attack from an enemy before disappearing. Ninjas can create up to 4 Mirror Images at a time, making it quite difficult to determine which Ninja is real.
    10 20
    [​IMG] Focus Attack Mana Cost Minimum Skill Besides giving a small damage bonus, Focus Attack also increases the effectiveness of any magical properties on the weapon the Ninja uses for the attack.
    10 30
    [​IMG] Backstab Mana Cost Minimum Skill Backstab requires the Ninja to be in Stealth mode in order to initiate this special attack. Backstab applies a damage bonus to the attack, matching the Ninjitsu skill.
    30 40
    [​IMG] Shadow Jump Mana Cost Minimum Skill While in Stealth mode, the Ninja can jump a considerable distance while hidden. Upon landing, the Ninja’s Stealth ability determines if they remain hidden from view.
    15 50
    [​IMG] Surprise Attack Mana Cost Minimum Skill Surpise Attack is an attack that can only be initiated by a Ninja in Stealth mode. It inflicts a defense penalty on the Ninja’s opponent for a short duration.
    20 60
    [​IMG] Ki Attack Mana Cost Minimum Skill The Ki Attack requires superb timing and quick movement of a well trained Ninja. In order to execute this attack, the Ninja will have to initiate the Ki Attack and then quickly close the distance between himself and his opponent to deliver an effective blow. The farther the Ninja travels to deliver the blow, the higher the damage bonus of his Ki Attack.
    25 80
    [​IMG] Death Strike Mana Cost Minimum Skill 5 seconds after receiving a Death Strike, the Ninja's opponent will suffer damage determined by the number of steps he has taken since the attack, and the average of the Ninja's Hiding and Stealth skills. Ranged weapons only do half the normal Death Strike damage. The damage dealt is far greater if the Ninja’s opponent chooses to run away rather than stand and fight.
    30 85
    Animal Form
    Animal / Minimum Skill / Description:

    • Rabbit / 0 / Grants a 20 point bonus to the stealth skill.
    • Rat / 0 / Grants a 20 point bonus to the stealth skill.
    • Cat / 40 / Increases regeneration rate. The increase is based on your Ninjitsu skill.
    • Dog / 40 / Increases regeneration rate. The increase is based on your Ninjitsu skill.
    • Giant Serpent / 50 / Inflicts low level poison whenever you strike your opponent with a non-ranged weapon.
    • Bullfrog / 50 / Inflicts poison when your enemy damages you at short range.
    • Ostard / 70 / Increases movement speed.
    • Llama / 70 / Increases movement speed.
    • Wolf / 85 / Increases movement speed, grants a bonus to both hit chance and maximum hit points.
    • Bake-Kitsune / 85 / Increases movement speed, grants a bonus to both hit chance and maximum hit points.
    • Unicorn / 99 / Increases movement speed and grants immunity to low level poisons.
    • Ki-Rin / 99 / Increases movement speed and regenerates stamina quickly.

    More animal forms are available with the Talisman of the Fey. Those four talismans were introduced as a 8th Anniversary gift. Since the 9th Anniversary, they are also available via Heritage Tokens. Their abilities are:

    Animal / Minimum Skill / Description:

    • Squirrel / 20 / Transforms you into a Squirrel with no special abilities.
    • Ferret / 40 / Transforms you into a Ferret and gives +10 to Stealing skill.
    • Cu Sidhe / 60 / Transforms you into a Cu Sidhe which auto-self heals using Bandages.
    • Reptalon / 90 / Transforms you into a Reptalon giving you fire breath attacks.

    Bushido Breakdown:
    Bushido is the main skill of the Samurai, and embodies the very essence of honorable combat. With it and the Book of Bushido (purchased from Tokuno Islands scribe NPCs or looted from Ronin), the Samurai can perform a variety of special abilities that mostly are defensive in nature - but can be used to quickly and honorably defeat the toughest of opponents.

    • 0 - 30: Train at NPC Samurai in Zento.
    Note: If you are on a murderer, you will have to use a Soulstone or get some jewelry to raise your skill to 25. You cannot train Bushido from below 25 skill.
    The Bushido required to successfully cast each ability 50% of the time is presented on the Formulas and Game Mechanics page.

    The NPC trainer for bushido in Haven will train your skill up to 40, and you can train with accelerated skill gain in Old Haven if you accept his quest. Do not accept the quest until after you have bought your skill; you cannot buy skill while on an accelerated gain skill quest.

    The best training method I've found is to train the skill up from an NPC and use jewelry to get yourself to 50. Then use Lightning Strike on your opponents until you reach a real skill of 50; remove your jewelry and continue to use Lightning Strike until you reach 110. At this point switch to Momentum Strike. Lighting Strike will, however, take you all the way to 120 if you prefer.

    Bushido-based enhancements
    Samurais receive several passive benefits based on their Bushido proficiency.

    A character with Bushido as well as the Parrying skill will be able to block with a weapon, though their defense chance with an actual Shield is lowered as they progress as a Samurai. Chance to block can be calculated using the formulas on the Parrying page. Bushido also offers the only method in the game to entirely avoid direct spell damage: The Evasion ability.

    A Samurai with 50 Bushido or above may activate the Perfection system by honoring a target creature. This grants a damage bonus dependant on consecutive hits.

    Whirlwind Damage Increase
    Bushido gives a damage bonus to the Whirlwind special move. This bonus is capped at 100. The bonus is determined by the following formula: [​IMG]

    For example, if you are using a weapon with Whirlwind on it, and you are surrounded by 4 enemies, and have a Bushido skill of 90, the additional damage you do to each of those enemies will be 36 points of additional damage.

    At 120 bushido, a whirlwind receives the max bonus when surrounded by only 5 enemies. At 100 bushido, a player must be surrounded by 6 enemies. Players must have at least 66.6 bushido to maximize this bonus (It would, however, require the player be surrounded by 9 enemies).

    Reduced Special Move Mana Cost
    Special move mana cost can be reduced by achieving a combined total of 200+ points in several combat/magic skills, including bushido. A full list of applicable skills is available on the special moves page. When the combined total of these skills is 200-299, mana cost is reduced by 5 mana points, and when the combined total reaches/exceeds 300, the mana cost is reduced by 10 mana points.

    Lesser Hiryu
    At 90 skill, it becomes possible to use Bushido in place of Animal Taming for the purpose of controlling and riding Lesser Hiryus.

    New Zone Tokuno:

    The Tokuno Islands are a facet that consists of 3 named islands and several small, unnamed ones. The 3 main islands are: Isamu, Makoto, and Homare. They are all accessible via their own Moongate.

    The facet follows the basic Trammel rules set, meaning that there is no non-consensual PvP combat. Use of the transportation spells Sacred Journey, Recall, and Gate Travel is unrestricted in Tokuno except in the dungeons.

    Included as part of the Samurai Empire expansion, the Tokuno Islands have an Asian theme, inspired in-part by various classical Asian mythologies and Asian "pop culture" (especially Japanese fantasy-themed cartoons).

    Cities & Towns
    There is only one city in this facet, Zento.

    Official fiction holds that the Tokuno Islands are currently governed by a hereditary monarch called an Emperor of Empress, and that Tokuno is the same map known in the single-player Ultima games as "The Land of the Feudal Lords."

    • Player housing is allowed, but only to a limited degree. Housing spots on Tokuno are very highly prized and expensive on most shards.
    • The Peerless known as Travesty is found here, in the dungeon known as The Citadel. Not implemented yet.
    • On three separate occasions, artifacts known as the Treasures of Tokuno spawned here.
    • The Makoto-Jima and Isamu-Jima are in fact the map of main land China broken into two pieces. Taiwan was not included in the map design.
    • Japan has an island named Tokunoshima (Tokuno Island).
    • Tons of new stealables.
    • House Placement areas.

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