Permanent Out of Memory Bug Fix for Ultima Online (steam and razor)

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    Never experience the "Out of Memory" bug in Ultima Online every again. Private servers or not. This works. Steam, Sallos, Razor. BAM!


    • client.exe
    • UOSteam and/or razor.

    Enjoy. Virus scanned and all.


    Client lag is often caused because of a strain on your system, old game- new hardware/OS, Ultima Online competing for resources, and Compatibility issues.
    *Disclaimer: Any steps taken to attempt to fix,resolve issues and fail, or cause damage is solely on you and not people that contribute to this thread.

    Two interfaces are authorized for Ultima-Shards servers: UOS (Steam) and Razor. This guide will outline some features in both clients that may assist in reducing client side lag.

    Razor has two options that can assist in your problems:
    • Unchecking "Use smart CPU usage reduction"
    • Setting "Default Client Priority: High"
    Your Razor should look similar to the picture below:
    Spoiler: Click Here to View
    UO Steam (UOS):
    UO Steam has only one option I am going to display. Feel free to mess with other settings if you like:
    • Unchecking "Reduce CPU usage"
    Your UOS should look similar to the picture below:
    Spoiler: Click Here to View
    Windows Options:
    Windows XP:

    Off the top of my head, the only thing you can really do to further assist the UO Client running better is changing the priority of the UO Client.
    + On the bottom panel, Right-Click and select "Task Manager"
    Spoiler: Image: Where to look...
    + Under the "Applications" tab, Right-Click the Ultima Online and select "Go To Process."
    Spoiler: Image: Where to go...
    + You should now be in the "Processes" tab. Right-Click "client.exe" and navigate to "Set Priority" and then select "High"
    Spoiler: Image: Where to go...
    + Exit the window with the Top-Right 'X'
    Windows Vista/7:
    Windows Vista rolled out with a new technology called "Aero." This is known as a DWM, Desktop Window Manager, that controls actions and effects created by windows of applications. This can cause performance issues because it places a higher loader on the CPU. I have 2 great reads for this:
    + HowToGeek explains how to go to the classic theme, disabling Aero @ [Link: HowToGeek]
    + MakeUseOf explains more in depth of disabling effects of Aero to boost performance @ [Link: MakeUseOf]
    + Set Compatibility Mode for Windows XP Service Pack 3 (below)
    + Right-Click the Ultima Online Classic Client icon and select "Properties"
    Spoiler: Click Here for Photo
    + On the top tab, Select "Compatibility"
    + Place a Check in "Run this program in compatibility for:
    + Select "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)
    Spoiler: Click Here for Example of Settings
    + Press "Ok"
    + Repeat for UOSteam and/or Razor
    + See Windows XP for Process Prioritizing.
    Windows 8/8.1:
    Windows 8/8.1 doesn't come with Aero (kind of), but it does still have some of the window effects. Disabling these can improve performance by reducing the amount of resources Ultima Online will have to share with the Window Manager.
    + Microsoft has a guide on how to perform this located here: [Link: Microsoft Windows Optimization - Window Manager]
    + See Windows XP for Process Prioritizing.
    Windows 10:
    I am unsure if the Win 8/8.1 fixes will apply for 10.

    For now...
    That is all of the information that I have. Took a good bit of time to write this guide with having to take the screenshots, formatting, finding helpful reliable information, etc. I hope that maybe some people are willing to expand on this and provide some techniques they are aware of to further help others. I have no problems with adding additional content and the author of that content. If you have any suggestions to add something or problems with my post- feel free to comment below. Always open to some criticism or praise.

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