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    In General
    The Gauntlet is the second level of dungeon Doom and is located across Lake Mortis. To access this area you will have to complete a short series of quests which can, in full, be completed in the first level of the dungeon.
    Upon entering the Gauntlet you will find yourself at the beach of Lake Mortis. Here you can also find the only way to exit the area, a black moongate. When traveling from the beach you enter a wide corridor. On the east side of this corridor you can find an npc vendor, the entrance to his shop is hidden in the wall. Most characters can locate the shop by walking close to the eastern wall. If you cannot locate the shop, look for the lighter gray tiles just before the first corner on the eastern corridor wall. His shop is a relatively safe place to log out and is a convenient, but expensive, way to replenish supplies. Continuing down the wide corridor lands you in a giant room. Besides the hallway you entered through, there are 6 rooms that can be entered from the main area. Five of them contain the lesser boss monsters and one of them houses a healer. The doors of the healers room are locked and the room can only be entered as a ghost. Should you die in the Gauntlet you can go to this room to be resurrected. The greedy healer will charge you 5.000 gold for his services however.

    Be advised that this area of the game is one of only a few that uses an instanced looting system.

    Lesser bosses
    Before the Dark Fathers will appear, the lesser bosses of the five adjoining rooms must be defeated. Starting with the eastern room and working clockwise, players must rid each one of the boss (or bosses) they contain. A room is currently active when the door turns red and can not be opened. You must step on the teleporter to enter the room. The number of bosses depends on the total number of players entering the room. As more step inside, a greater number of creatures will rise to the challenge. Be advised, once you have entered a room you cannot leave it until the boss(es) or you yourself are dead.

    Each of the five rooms houses a different lesser boss, or several of them depending on the amount of players within the room. In consecutive order you will find:
    • Darknight Creeper, highly poisonous and uses mêlee as well as magic;
    • Fleshrenderer, non magical and extremely fast. Can paralyse and dismount;
    • Impaler, non magical but strong mêlee. Uses mortal strike, bleed and is highly poisonous;
    • Shadow Knight, uses melee as well as magic. Will hide during the fight and has to be revealed to continue;
    • Abyssmal Horror, uses mêlee and mortal strike but is particularly lethal through the use of magic due to it’s extremely high evaluate intelligence skill.

    Each lesser boss kill has a chance to reward an artifact to be spawned in the backpack of one of the players that have aquired looting rights, the chances are slim but can be enhanced through the use of luck or doing top damage to the boss.  

    The Dark Father
    Once all five rooms have been cleared one or multiple, depending on the amount of players present in the Gauntlet, Dark Father(s) will spawn in the central room. The Dark Father is the Gauntlets arch boss and as such is a very powerful creature that can easily kill even the most geared and experienced players. Besides powerful mêlee attacks, including double strikes and whirlwind attacks, this creature uses high level necromancy and magic spells. Combined this makes for the potential of very high burst damage that may kill a player within mere seconds.

    Another dangerous feature, if not dealt with properly, is the fact that he will randomly throw unholy bones at players. These bones will fall to the floor after having done a small amount of damage to the player they were thrown at. These bones can be cut with a bladed weapon such as a dagger to prevent them from spawning lesser creatures that will spawn if the bones are left unattended. The more potent the spawning creature will be, the more times the bones have to be cut. Needless to say that if the bones are not dealt with players will eventually get overwhelmed by lesser monsters, which may include lich lords and rotting corpses, aiding the Dark Father.

    Each Dark Father, upon death, has the potential to spawn an artifact in the backpack of one of the players that managed to aquire looting rights. While the probability of this happening is higher in comparisson to it happening after the death of a lesser boss, chances remain low eventhough they can be enhanced through luck or a top damage bonus.

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