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Discussion in 'The Inn (General Discussion)' started by Gibberish, Sep 8, 2020.

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    Running in circles and POOF, UO Alive email

    Had forgotten about UO and Alive.

    So, thank you for the email. I am mussing about in WOW an hour a day or so, waiting for expansion. Opted to play WOW less, to make it seem like fun and not a job.

    Have been playing New World since September of 2018 with a 3 week "my house burned down" break :) I honestly cannot remember the last time I played here, but as the client is patching, I might find out soon.

    A suggestion, send those emails out 1 time a year. If I had gotten it a year or 2 ago, id have logged in played. Granted, I bore easy and move off to other games, but a year later, email, poof, I would be back
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    No worries, glad to have ya back. Join discord for sure that is where everyone talks now.

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