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    Achievement Pts:

    Power Scrolls need to be consumed in order. You can consume a 120 PS only ater you have eaten a 105, 110, and 115 to receive the effect.

    Heartwood quest NPCs are available near Lord British's Castle, along with some fey.

    Enhanced guild system is implemented. Old guildstones still available from gold sink vendor in West Brit.

    Skill gain in houses is disabled. Skill gain in dungeons is doubled. Skill gain for crafting professions is increased in the Brit. Crafting area. Everywhere else, skill gain is normal.

    Gold is account-wide. Dropping gold coins in your bank box adds them to your account's balance. To pull out gold, use the `withdraw <amount>` command at a bank

    To trade gold you can just type the amount anywhere in the world in a trade window:

    World and expansions

    Ilshenar is enabled, and uses the Felucca ruleset instead of Trammel.

    Malas is not reachable. However, Doom is available through a new entrance in Ilshenar.

    Ter Mur, Valley of Eodon, and Lost Lands should be unreachable

    Trammel is only reachable for new characters who choose to spawn in New Haven.

    High Seas content is enabled


    For each insured item:

    - 1000gp is lost if you die to a monster
    - 10000gp is lost if you die to another player

    Insurance does NOT prevent another player from stealing that item, it only prevents it dropping on your death.

    Killing a player will net you some of their insurance fees as a reward.


    All weapons and armor should show a rarity underneath the name.

    Loot's sell value to vendors scales with the rarity; a [Rare] Longsword will sell for more than a [Common] one.

    Night Sight does not spawn on items here.

    Champ spawn loot halved until server population rises.

    Defeating a Paragon monster or the Dark Father will send a system message explaining your chance to have received an artifact on that kill.


    House decay timers are ~25-30 days.

    Private houses do not stop players from walking on them. You need walls and doors to be safe. Remember to set security on your doors.


    Modern board types are enabled (LINK TO UOGUIDE)

    Imbuing is not in the game yet, despite reagents dropping and the Soul Forge being craftable by carpenters. The Soul Forge is decorative only at this time.

    Salvage Bags are available for sale from Provisioners.

    Scribes can create Spellbooks and Necromancy Spellbooks, as well as Necromancy scrolls. These do not have any special modifiers on them.

    Brit Crafting Area

    There's an accelerated gain area for all crafting professions at the North West Blacksmith in Brit, near the graveyard. Not to be confused with the forge on top of the West bank.

    - There's a sawmill that will cut logs into boards for you.
    - There's a furnace to turn Granite into Sand
    - There's a chance to lose fewer materials on failure in this area.

    BOD system changes

    You can 1 BOD every hour at GM (down from 1 BOD every 6 hours).

    You can have up to 3 BODs waiting for you, so remember to ask until they won't give you any more!

    Turning in BODs will not reset the timer to receive a new one.

    BOD Bribery is turned on.

    Custom BOD quest

    In the custom forum section.


    Dungeon chests show the level of the chest in its name.

    In addition to the normal levels 1-4, there is also a level 5 dungeon treasure chest that requires 95 Lockpicking to open.

    Treasure Hunting

    Treasure maps currently use the era-accurate positioning system, but drop the enhanced loot introduced in a later publish.

    Donation vendors

    There are donation vendors near Brit West Bank. Most of these take Bloody Coins.

    Bloody coins are earned every 4 hours your character is in game, and are deposited to your bank directly. You get a bonus if you happen to be anywhere in Brit when you receive each coin.

    Bloody coins are also available in bulk for donating to the server.

    Some of the donation vendors also take gold.


    Characters are labeled murderers (Reds) at 2 counts (down from 5)

    A bounty system in place when characters are killed by murderers. Bounty boards available near West Brit Bank.


    Tigers spawn somewhere in Sosaria.

    Provisioners sell Trapped Pouches with 30 charges.

    Peacemaking cooldown reduced.

    There are special trash barrels and bags available near Brit West Bank. These generate special currency used for certain rewards.

    Stealth is automatically checked and re-checked when walking while hidden.

    UI Changes

    Buff box works. This wasn't available in AOS.

    The skill title shown on your paperdoll will also be shown on hover of your character. Left click character to control titles.

    [organizeme command will, well, organize you.

    [bondinfo to check when a pet will be bonded with you


    Needs details!

    QOL changes

    Buying and selling when overweight will cause gold or items to be placed directly in your bank instead of falling to your feet.

    Non-young players can still finish quests in Haven.

    Young player status ends at 450 total skill points (up from normal).

    All NPCs will offer training up to 50%.

    Potions stack.

    A character can co-own a house, even if they own another house.

    Runebook use cooldown reduced to 1 second from 7.

    Using an equipped Skinning Knife on a corpse will automatically cut and loot any hides the corpse may drop.

    Male characters can ride unicorns too.

    Increased amount of reagents that vendors stock.

    Skinning knife puts leather in bag.

    Your Health is always 25 % more than OSI standards. So if you have 100 str normally you would have 100 health. But on UOAlive you have 125. This benefits PvE and PvP to reduce one hits.

    Skills that will not use your skill cap and will be considered secondary skills: Begging, ArmsLore, Camping, Forensics, Mining, TasteID, Cooking, Fishing, Lumberjacking, Tracking
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