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    After a lot of thought and looking at the different servers and ways people played on UOAlive, we have decided the best choice was to focus on giving you the best PvE experience we could while allowing you to not have to worry about ganking in open world PvP as much, but still have the fear of a PK coming up on you.


    So what we have done is made it so you can be attacked in the open world, BUT unless you are the aggressor, a murderer, or a thief, you cannot be looted! Once your body decays to bones however, anything not insured or cursed will be lootable. This should stop res killing and ganking on a huge level. Your only goal if you are killed is to get your corpse back, to which we also have a system in town where you can pay a small fee to retrieve it with no worries. This should make a PvP death less mind numbing and more of something to keep you on your toes. Not define your gameplay experience.

    We want to give you incentive for going out in the world more!
    We have months worth of PvE content to go through and want to focus our efforts on making that experience fun for you.

    Read all the amazing things you can experience here:

    We believe this will encourage more people working together to BUILD in the sandbox than to destroy it (towns, communities, in game activities, roleplay etc.) Which to us was the most important part of my UO experience, not ganking or being ganked. Picking out guild colors with a new guild holds more water to us than any death given or taken.

    For PvP you also have some great options for consensual PvP!
    • 2 Faction War system
    • Guild Waring system
    • Weekly tournaments in the arena
    • Dueling system that can be triggered anytime someone says "I wish to duel"
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    As a primarily PvM player I love this change. It entices me to fight back without the ganking downfalls.
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