Up and coming Vendor Bar! (Grand Opening 11/21/2016) -pending-

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    Gather round everyone and listen to what I'm about to tell you!

    The Merchant's Pub will be opening very soon and its looking to cater to you the players! We will have food, drinks, and even a raffle and auction drawn on this night for everyone to enjoy.

    What we need from you:
    1. A creative atmosphere from you, welcome everyone I want this to be a safe zone for all players.
    2. Leave a comment or suggestion below on what you would like to see us sell
    3. Bring money, we are priced according to the economics of the land, we are known to haggle some as well!
    4. We do in fact do trades of many sorts, just talk with Cali Nyght in game or PM Nyght in discord.
    5. Participate and possible get drunk!

    If you wish to donate items to the auction please speak with Nyght in the discord channel. We will accept any items that want to be donated and prices will be adjusted to the medium going rate when the auction starts. All prices are subjected to change and will be voted on by the Merchant Trading Co. guild.

    If you would like to donate to the guild or join please speak with Cali Nyght or Nyght int he discord chat. We are accepting all who join as long as you are respectful to fellow people.

    At this time we run our own vendors if you want to place a vendor at the pub house please speak with Nyght in the discord channel.
    All vendor rentals start at 5k gold to rent, with a weekly 2k to upkeep. This goes to the taxs and upgrades in the future plans.

    1. We will be doing a lottery for 100k payout, buy in is 10k a pop.
    2. PVP Tournament be a buy in is 25k, winner will receive 75% of all entries into the tournament the pub will take the remaining 25% as donation for upgrades.

    (this is just an information post and is subjected to change once I get done speaking with Tristan about player ran events If you have any questions please post in comments and I will update frequently. Thank you.)
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    I approve of all player run events! :) No need to speak to Tristan before hosting one. This is your world!

    Carry on! I would def include pictures!

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