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    Patch Patch Notes 5/17/24 Everything AND the Kitchen Sink (Hunger, Fishing, Cooking, Vendors, Encounters, Everything else)

    Changelog: Added support for TazUO chat hook (probably also works for ClassicUO if they have a built-in chat window and web!) Change the color of your font in global now in Classic or Taz! Change the font too in Classic or Taz (Checkmark Override Game Font) : Fix for Chivalry Skillcheck...
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    Custom Content New Magincia - A Tale of Liberation!

    Updated info above.
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    Patch Patch Notes 5/7/24 - Legendary Taming Feature / Encounters Re-Enabled

    Yup :) all sounds about right to us! (except the area peace, we will be fixing that) Glad you got to see it in action so soon.
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    Patch Patch Notes 5/7/24 - Legendary Taming Feature / Encounters Re-Enabled

    Independent RNG for Legendary Creatures with new Phasing Technology We are introducing a new mechanic to Legendary taming! Each player at spawn points now has their own unique RNG chance to encounter a legendary creature. This personalized RNG is yours alone—no other player influences your...
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    Custom Content Milestone: Encounters

    You can thank @Insanonaut, they were the absolute inspiration for Astral creatures.
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    Patch Patch Notes - 5/3/24 Web Client Updates, Backend Server Maintenance, ENCOUNTERS!

    Encounters: Not much else to be said here that isn't outlined there! Check out the amazing hard work of so many. From Suggestions Posts, Test Center Shenanigans, to Backend work. It was a collaborative UOAlive Team/Community Effort...
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    Patch Extended Downtime Maintenance - Friday May 3rd!

    📢 Attention everyone! ⏰ EXTENDED Scheduled Maintenance Notice ⏰ Friday, we have scheduled an EXTENDED maintenance, 4PM EST. There will be an extended downtime of 1-2 hours. We will strive to finish as quickly as possible, but please plan for the full duration. Good time to do a Big Stretch! 🐕...
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    Custom Content Milestone: Encounters

    Introducing the New UOAlive Milestone: Encounters! At UOAlive, we're constantly striving to enhance your gaming experience, and we're excited to unveil our latest project: Encounters! We've been hard at work refining this system to bring you a dynamic and immersive gameplay feature that adds...
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    IMPORTANT Server Rules (Multilingual)

    Rough Spanish Translation: Reglas en el juego Estas reglas pueden diferir del servidor del que provienes o si juegas en OSI, donde pagas una suscripción y no hacen cumplir sus propias reglas. Estas reglas pueden parecer estrictas porque no nos gusta tomar medidas contra las personas. Por lo...
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    IMPORTANT Server Rules (Multilingual)

    A Rough Ukraine Translation: Внутрішньоігрові правила Ці правила можуть відрізнятися від сервера, з якого ви прийшли, або якщо ви граєте на OSI, де ви платите за підписку, і вони не виконують своїх власних правил. Вони можуть здатися суворими, тому що ми не любимо вживати заходів до людей...
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    IMPORTANT Server Rules (Multilingual)

    Rules roughly translated in Korean: 게임 내 규칙 이 규칙은 플레이하는 서버나 유료 구독을 요구하는 OSI에서의 플레이 상황과 다를 수 있습니다. OSI에서는 자체 규칙을 시행하지 않습니다. 우리는 행동을 제재하는 것을 좋아하지 않기 때문에 이 규칙들이 엄격해 보일 수 있습니다. 따라서 이 규칙들은 어떤 모호한 영역이 없는지 확인하기 위해 존재합니다. 이 규칙들은 UOAlive에서 모든 플레이어에게 공정하고 평등한 게임 경험을 보장합니다. 또한 균형 잡힌 공정한 경제와 위험과 보상의...
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    Patch Patch Notes 4/26/24 - Patch Your Client and Lots of GOODIES!

    We didn't forget about it. Follow instructions or join discord and see all the up to date posts please ;) The app doesn't update, the files do.
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    Patch Patch Notes 4/26/24 - Patch Your Client and Lots of GOODIES!

    We do dislike having to do backend maintenance more than a few minutes, so we just ask that everyone stay calm during the 1-2 hour time.
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    Patch Patch Notes 4/26/24 - Patch Your Client and Lots of GOODIES!

    The Server has been UPDATED to Version All downloads have been updated to reflect this on Mobile, Web, and the All in One Package. You MUST upgrade them! If you have the all in one installed already just run UOPatch.exe Remember if you run ClassicUO this shows ya how...
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    Custom Content The Summoner Breakdown - Unique to UOAlive

    Summoner General User Guide: Spell Rotation The summoner has a huge repertoire of magical spells to choose from! Preparation Make sure you have an Arcane Focus Cast Ethereal Form (if all skills are 120) Cast Arcane Empowerment optional: Cast Gift of Life / Attunement / other buffs on...
  16. tr1age

    Patch Patch 4/19/24 - Summoner Tweaks Based on Feedback & Minor Bug fixes

    Changelog: Fixed a bug with clearing aggro on travel Fixed some issues with Hunger and Eating effects triggering the sounds when they were not actually activating. There is now a debuff icon if you are hungry (we think most people get like Orcs when they are hangry.. so the tooltip reflects...
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    Custom Content Undead Commander - Hemomancer & Necroweaver - Unique to UOAlive

    Command Undead Creature Breakdowns Each has pros and cons depending on the build you have created. Creature Name: Rotspawned Daemon Stats: Strength (STR): 600 - 850 Dexterity (DEX): 68 - 175 Intelligence (INT): 500 - 700 (Extra Mana) Damage: 29 - 35 (Physical) Hitpoints: 558 - 599 Damage...
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    Patch Patch Notes - 4/12/24 - Hemomancer, Necroweaver, Summoner, Hue Transmogger, OH MY! And that's not all!

    Updates 4/13/24: If your skill is not high enough to use the elemental colossus you will not get the popup gump. Summoner RC will get a hue overhaul. The ones we picked were meh Fixed a summoner issue if you had 120 in one skill but not the other it was summoning the wrong elementals and...