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  1. Valkreth

    Patch Patch Notes - 8/31/2023 - FROSTMITES WORK LIKE OSI!!!!

    Spellbooks can now be auto-filled with scrolls via a new context menu, "Add To Spellbook". - Mukkel coming through for the time savers! Every update is better and better and better!
  2. Valkreth

    Patch Patch notes - 8/25/2023 - Small but mighty

    What a legend. Solid update thank you!!
  3. Valkreth

    Patch Patch 3/24/23 - Treasure - Wiki - Achievements OH MY!

    "Harpy Hens should no longer look like they came from the Disco." hahahaha
  4. Valkreth

    Patch Patch 2-24-2023

    It just keeps getting better and better!! thank you!!
  5. Valkreth

    Patch Patch - 2/22/2023 - Summoners and Champion Spawns

    YES! As a Mystic summoner you just made my day!!
  6. Valkreth

    Patch Patch 2-13-2023 - Surveyor John's Portable Campsite and Secondary Skill OVERHAUL!

    The shard that keeps on giving! Thank you for the patch!
  7. Valkreth

    Patch Patch Notes - 1/19/20223 - Reminder Exchange Kudos for Britcoin

    Great patch! thank you! Looking forward to getting those custom bard items!