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    Player Written Guides UOAlive Animal Taming Guide

    Hi , thanks for the GREAT guide. When taking advantage of the 5x 90 skill tokens , which skills would you advice to get first? Its my very first character in this server , so im starting without any gold. I think animal taming , animal lore , and magery are a must? What about mining to get some...
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    Looking For New UO Server

    ohh a ticket to gain 5 skills to 90 , sounds very nice! Should i go for 90 mining as a new player to get some starting gold?
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    Good "starting" builds for newer players?

    Hi there, looking for an starter build for this server which can be played without millions gold on the bank :) Im not sure what kind of custom stuff is moded on this server in terms of skills. Any ideas? Tamer-Mage would be awesome but im pretty sure it costs alot to skill up magery and...