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  1. tr1age

    Events Holiday on UOAlive - December 1st!

    Happy Holidays Everyone! All Events Will be Live December 1st! UOAlive has kicked off this seasons holiday celebrations. There have been sightings of evil elves, Krampus, Santa himself and so much more! There is also the Artisan festival going on all month long! Be sure to check...
  2. tr1age

    Community Newsletter UOAlive Newsletter: Invasion of the Body Snatchers!

    Greetings everyone! Hope you are all well and having a most splendid week, and thank you for being you! Here is the latest issue of the UOAlive newsletter written by Tr1age. Remember, if you think you have a tip or story or even advertisement you wish to be in the next Newsletter, DM @pevil on...
  3. tr1age

    Holidays on UOAlive

    Happy Holidays Everyone! UOAlive has kicked off this seasons holiday celebrations. There have been sightings of evil elves, Krampus, Santa himself and so much more! There is also the Artisan festival going on all month long! Be sure to check out the snowier regions in UOAlive to find out...
  4. tr1age

    Community Newsletter UOAlive Weekly Newsletter, 19th July 2021.

    Destard comes to life, for a lot of death... Here is the UOAlive Weekly Tribune for this week. Forge your own adventures at https://uoalive.com
  5. tr1age

    Community Newsletter "Floor Meat and Krakens"; The Three Stone Tavern's Grand Opening!

    Wisps light up the Party! News Article: Browse all the photos of the event here: Watch the Entire event LIVE!
  6. tr1age

    Custom Content Quality of Life Changes Checklist on UOAlive

    Things on this list may change or be modified and will be updated accordingly. As well more will be added to the list as they come to mind or we add them. To see all available commands in game: Type [MyCommands General Server Quality of Life Features Power Scrolls do NOT need consumed in...
  7. tr1age

    Custom Content Bod Deed Box - A solution to OSI's crappy BOD system

    So as we all know, the bod system is a grind from hell and makes it not fun whatsoever. So here is our solution at UOAlive! You can now purchase a Large BOD deed box from the gold vendor in Luna or Britain. It will cost 100k as this is considered an end game item. The Large BOD Deed box is...
  8. tr1age

    Halloween on UOAlive!

    Starting October 1st The UOAlive Halloween October Events will begin. -This not only includes the OSI 2012 events that can be seen here: http://www.uoguide.com/Halloween_2012 Say "trick or treat" to your local npc's and enjoy the Halloween Spirit! -Graveyards will also be getting invasions...
  9. tr1age

    Helpful Tips Bod Cloth Guide - Hues

    BOD Tiers refer to the chart on this site, which is very accurate: http://www.towerofroses.de/bodt-aos.htm If you are unsure of what hue an item is, you can find out by using Razor. Go to the Display/Counters tab, click Add...then target the item you want to know the hue of. The hue will show...
  10. Dimebag

    Frozen Castle Clusterfudge

    Joe Mama's raffle ice white (pure white?) castle was set for demolition. The shard banded together to take down the evil beasts that lurked within the confines of this icy fortress... Suddenly the Harrower appeared and started sucking people into his death vortex. Then, the Harrower...
  11. tr1age

    Bod Hue's

    Here are all the Tailor Bod Hues! Tier 5: Tier 4: Tier 3: Tier 2: Tier 1: BOD Reward Sandals 1161 Blaze 1153 Pure white(gold sink vendor)
  12. Dimebag

    Semidar, more like SemiDEAD...or FullyDEAD [K&S]

    Greetings fellow Knaves & Slaves, today's beatdown specimen was a meaty one indeed. Upon killing his whole demonic and gargish kin, Semidar arose from the ashes of his brothers (and super erotic succubus sisters) to avenge their deaths. With a single dragon and a wraith-turned-human archer...
  13. Dimebag


    Lava Drakes and Lava Dragons plagued the otherwise peaceful landscape of the Chaos shrine. Yeah, peaceful... It was a valiant effort by the world boss to think it could overtake the guys from Knaves & Slaves [K&S] but ultimately, it met its untimely demise. "Kiss the little lava...
  14. tr1age

    Improved Widescreen Mod and Patcher for Client 7.0 to 7.0.56+

    https://i.imgur.com/HLpqpR1.jpg www.cheatengine.org Thanks to some insight from the new broadsword patches, I have finally tracked down some elusive code which has allowed me to apply the full widescreen (draw range) update to older clients, as well as enhance it better than the original. This...

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