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1st place: @icbat for his amazing rendition of the haunted house of Anxiety! This was EXTREMELY out of the box thinking, creative, and just a truly great submission! Congratulations!

2nd Place: @Lambic for his extremely creepy altar of sacrifice to lure in the trick or treaters. Using in game deco and house design in a minimalist but very effective manner. Well done!

3rd Place: @Cosmoe for his awesome use of filters to make a normal UO house look WAYYY creepier than it should be. Almost feels a bit diabloesque.

Your prizes are the following:


October 31st 2017

Competition: This competition is for everyone, it doesn't matter if you have a custom home or a classic home the house design does not matter, although custom homes allow players more options for designs.

We want to see who can decorate their home the best to fit the Halloween theme.

Please use image tags and post all your screenshots in this thread. Limit of 4 pictures per entry.

Please make sure the images are good quality!

Awards for the top 3 winners are:
1.) A Dono JackOLantern, Hanging Skeleton, Spooky House addon, and Golden Skeleton Commemoration Statue
2.) A Dono JackOLantern and Silver Skeleton Commemoration Statue
3.) A Bronze Skeleton Commemoration Statue


All entries will be judged by staff.
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I finally finished my submission! As I don't generally like Halloween or spoopy things in general, I went a different direction. I also cannot wait for this to be over so I can remodel =) Without further ado, I present to you:

Icbat's House of Anxiety!
A haunted house of sorts that's open to the public until after Halloween


Here we see the first floor. You enter through the Corrodor of Claustrophobia, a narrow space tightly packed with all sorts of teetering boxes. Can you stand to navigate the twisting turns, in a room so tight you can't even turn properly?

Next, you'll enter into a world of pain at Dr. Nick's clinic. Who keeps their bandages on the floor? Why does he keep referencing that book on the table? Now, with your enhanced vision, you can even see the germs!


Up next is the Eternal Exam Room. One unlucky student (you) is still taking the test while the teacher impatiently waits so they can go home and drink away the pain of your stupidity. But with the broken clock and your incompetence, you'll never leave here alive!

Think you might run? Break through the door? You'll be trapped in everyone's nightmare: public speaking. With nothing but your tighty-whities, you'll be forced to entertain a very tough crowd, without even the cover of a building or a roof over your head. The whole world will watch as you fidget nervously, listen as you fumble the same simple word repeatedly, and silently judge everything you say.


And finally, the roof holds our most deadly experience, guaranteed to induce a panic attack! The dreaded social event! Stand awkwardly as no one wants to hang out with you, try and fail to join a conversation or game, all while a literal clown leers at you from afar. Who can escape with their confidence intact?


In all seriousness, this has been a fun expression for me. I know it's not your traditional Halloween decoration, but it's deeply personal. These are some of my own worst fears embodied in a digital world. I've spent the month of October home on medical leave for an anxiety disorder. Time off has been a great help to my health, and given me the strength and tools to handle what my brain and body have been doing most of my life. UO:Alive has been a home where I can burn my days of otherwise boredom making friends and having adventures, so I'm glad I got to share some of my experience back. Halloween should mark my return to work, so I'll be around a bit less during the days, but I imagine I'll still be around when I can =)

Happy Halloween!
That is extremely creative. Although for me, minus the germ exam room this would def be a Fun house :) But I get it. I too have anxiety just in a different capacity.
Please submit your houses soon as we will be ending submissions on the 31st.
Happy Halloween Everyone!


Though the small size, this small plot has classic Halloween pouring out of the stonework!

As you approach, you are given two options...

The left, a trail of delicious candy draws you into the darkness of the once standing tower. The dead tree cracks and moans as lit jack-o-lanterns put you shaking hands at ease... A cobweb brushes your face and the iron rich smell of blood is thick in the air. What trap has surrounded you? Is there more candy?

The right side seemed more tame, a decorative, yet decayed stairwell with festive colored chests and decorations. As you approach the stop of the steps the warmth of candle heats your eyes. A soft "coo" is heard nearby, an animal perhaps? Who placed these candles? You hear the moan of a man, weak and dry... "Uerghh..." You see a leg, arm, leg, and finally a head, freshly removed, alive with the dark-arts. "Baaaaaby..." the head mumbles. Is this a demonic phoenix, from death comes rebirth? Is there more candy?!
11-01-2016 09.59.59.jpg
10-31-2016 22.23.56.jpg
10-31-2016 22.23.56.jpg

My Haunted house. Many come to snack on the treats left on the front step. Any who dare enter on this fateful night never return.
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This contest is closed and results will be posted soon! Thank you all for your amazing submissions and creativity!
And the winners of this years Halloween House Competition are now in the OP! Congratulations to everyone who Participated! You did such amazing work! So creative. Me and @Overseer enjoyed looking at these very much!