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UOAlive A Community Effort - How YOU can get involved in UOAlive.


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As you all may or may not know, when OSI releases new updates, we only have the graphical items from them and then everything else is coded to make it work in game. A new sword, you say? We have to code every attribute onto it. A new mount, you say? We have to add every single animation tile to a working code. This is why emulation always lags a little bit behind Live Builds of Ultima Online. Also, recently ServUO development has stalled. The community nature of it, taken a backseat, sadly. That being said, UOAlive has since day one based MUCH of our success on exactly that, The Community!


We have an extremely helpful and intelligent user base and often times they will and have provided some amazing research themselves to better the server. It's truly amazing when everyone comes together what can be accomplished rather than the societal norms of "mine" we often tie ourselves to, “just because”. The last few years should have taught us what can be accomplished if we work toward common goals.
So what can you do to contribute to UOAlive's continued success and growth that leads to in game rewards?
  • We always have openings for the following: Coders, New Player Companions, EM(events moderators), UOAlive Reporters, and Discord Mods.
  • Want to join the Community Contributors? Show us! Find a bug report and fix it! Then we can discuss more of a permanent role!(as many of our members are quite fluent in C#) that adds bug fixes, new content, or missing content from OSI
  • Report bugs instead of exploiting them in the bug forums.
  • Run in Game Events for the community, such as silly pet hunts, arena battles, fishing tournaments, dungeon crawls etc.
  • Organize out of game events like the Newsletter, help make new Newsletters and post them to reddit with us. Help keep the inner "gossip" of the server alive!
  • Good at helping players? Use discord to welcome new players and answer questions, we will approach you about NPC positions!
  • Have a great EVENT idea that needs GM help? Pitch an EM event via a help ticket on discord and we will go over it with you to make sure it fits with UOAlive and you are going to execute it and have the time and fleshed out ideas required to see it through :)
  • And other things we probably have not thought of
The most important part of this though, is that we support our community and the community supports UOAlive. We work together, out of our passion for UO, and we have done so since inception. As we have grown I think some of the benefits of that community contribution have been lost instead of just "common knowledge". Obviously not EVERYTHING is rewarded with items, but we make our best efforts to make sure if you put in the time, we reward that time and effort in the best way we can!

What some people don't see when they think “private server” is that the time and effort you put into the server, code, people relations, bug fixing, backend, advertising, help requests etc will magically be “paid for” with a 10$ donation for a bit of sovereigns in game. In reality, donations never truly pay for the work involved and often seem to have the opposite effect where a team cater to the whales and the smaller donators who feel a sense of entitlement rather than a common goal community together. This causes rifts and animosity between the teams and players. That is why we will never and have never implemented a pay to win system on UOAlive. We don't need money to keep this passion alive, we need a good community!

UOAlive proves how important and true that is! Ultima Online is an old game. And you have to love it to work with it. Being passionate doesn't always equate to $ signs. Monetary incentive isn’t the motivating factor for this server.

That being said, it used to be an unspoken agreement between the community and owners of UOAlive that if you contributed to the server via bug fixes, code contributions, updates from OSI you really wanted to see in the game, and just above and beyond things such as Newsletters etc that make the experience of UOAlive better for the larger community, you would be given the support you need from us to make sure it was as successful as possible, IN GAME.

As we have grown, I think people need a reminder of the fact that we are here to back you up and not just that, but also REWARD YOU for your contributions to the community. Whether that be in game blessings of things like Community Rune libraries, RP towns, or the part that I think people have forgotten about the most: Contributions to the UOAlive Code Base. We do not make our REPO and code public due to many proprietary changes, but we are always willing to implement code that brings UOAlive more and more up to date, fixes bugs, or adds missing content from OSI.(You can find the ServUO base code here which is a great starting point: https://github.com/ServUO/ServUO ) But even more, we want to make sure you remember you get REWARDED for that effort as part of the awesome "Community Effort Rewards"! That can be in the form of sovereigns, rare one of a kind items for big additions, and sometimes just a big ass thank you for reporting the bug in the first place.

We hope this reminder fires up your passion to continue to keep UOAlive as one of the, if not the best, modern OSI UO emulation Community out there! UOAlive is YOUR HOME, and we make sure to give everyone a sense of ownership and pride over the work done here!

- Management

DISCLAIMER: Some TEAM roles on UOAlive require a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect user privacy if they have access to behind the scenes. You can learn more about this policy by visiting https://uoalive.com/forum/threads/server-privacy-policies.1478/post-4426. Additionally, applicants who have been members for less than 30 days of game time will need to provide strong evidence of their qualifications via "doing" in the world of UOALive, such as news report examples(check out our newsletters) or coding experience(check out our bug reports) or knowledge of the game/helpfulness to new players(NPC), if they wish to apply for any positions. This is to prevent a high turnover rate for key roles that are essential to UOAlive's structure and success. That does not mean you cannot take the initiative to hold in game events and make this sandbox your world! We notice these things and will always work to elevate "doing"!
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