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Helpful Tips A Quick Guide to Role Play

Schuyler Bain

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Role Play can be intimidating for some people. Like many things there so many acronyms as well as a perception that you must use Old English like thee, thou and milady. While this is perfectly acceptable it is not required. Role Play is as much about your character’s back story, personality, and skills as it is how you “speak”.

OOC = Out of Character. It is common to preface text that is being said by you, the player, and not your character with OOC. This is especially helpful if you are having a conversation as your character but need to say something that is not something your character would say/know. Often stylized, but not required, as [OOC] This is my Out Of Character text [/OOC].

IC = In Character. Like OOC, IC may be used if you are having an OOC conversation. For example, planning an event or discussing an upcoming dungeon crawl, but would like to say something in the voice of your character. Often stylized, but not required, as [IC] this is my In Character text [/IC].

UO Specific:
Colon+Space+Text = emote. This will allow you to denote an action of your character. For example, you type “: tips tricorn” (no quotes) in-game which will appear as *tips tricorn*.

UOAlive Specific:
[points = a target cursor that you can use to click on a person or object. In-game it will look like *Schuyler Bain Points at* and then over the person or object it will say *Points Here*.

[emote or [e = in-game menu for pre-determined emotes which also include sound effects.

The most important tip is to have fun with it.

-The Captain
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