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Past Events April Fools 2023


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April Fools 2023

On 2023 April 1st fake Bank Checks and Powerscrolls were dropped at the bank of New Haven, while a player named:

“sloof lirpa” said they were quitting due to their mom breaking their xbox and dropped their items at the bank…


Sloof Lirdpa is indeed April Fools spelled backwards, but before they could figure it out, the fun had begun!


If you tried to pickup these checks they would shock you with lightning and could in some cases cause death!


Lot's of death…


Much fun was had by all! See ya next year!

P.S. Little known factoid is we tried turning a few players red to be “fake murderers” since we are a PvM server and the player base is so damn welcoming and kind, all attempts to scare anyone or trick them was met with kindness and help. It was actually amazing so we scrapped that idea for the day of.