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Past Events Bagball anyone?

Schuyler Bain

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Ahoy shipmates!

With the World Cup taking place later this year and with the EPL starting up last week I would like to gauge interest in a Bagball league. Bagball is a "sport" unique to Ultima Online and has been around almost as long as UO. Below are some links with information for those that are not familiar. Bagball has simple rules and anyone can play. No in-game skills are needed and no skills are allowed to be used (no attacking, no spells, no potions, etc.).

If you are interested please respond to the poll above with how you would like to participate, be it as a Referee (Official), Player or Spectator. Depending on the interest level we will decide on the rules we will use, number of teams, etc. and schedule a few friendlies (practice matches) before coming up with what the season will look like, schedule matches between teams, etc.

Even been played on UOAlive:

What say you?

-The Captain

If you would post the in-game name of the character you would like to participate that would be appreciated.
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