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Community Establishments

The Three Stone Tavern (Blessed)

Created and maintained by pirate lord Schuyler Bain, this is the eldest run establishment on UOAlive. It started off with a simple tavern gathering and have quickly become the meeting place of adventurers new and old. There is even a Quest giver for the Skull of Power quest outside the doors ready to give you an adventure of a lifetime.

With the Owner Schuyler Bain and his trusty Ferret “First Mate Jarvey” you are guarenteed a great evening here, as celebrities such as Surveyor John even frequent the bar, just don't eat the floor meat.


The Community Rune Library (Blessed)

replaced the original Rune Library(since it was blown up in the Luna Invasion), now maintained by the librarian Pevil and assisted by the greater community. This is also home to the UOAlive Reporter Headquarters and quite a collection of rares!


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