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Client and UI Configurations - Show me yours! (and I'll post mine.)

I came back to Ultima from a long break. Skipped OSI and found this gem of a shard. First thing I read up was the different Launcher and Client options. I think I tried all of them. Enhanced, ClassicUO, and I even got MobileUO up and running. I loved some of the enhanced mob graphics/animations, but it ran like garbage and the lack of scripting options was deal breaker. ClassicUO looks and runs great, but the lack of modern storage and backpack gumps was hell on my eyes. I ended up going with Orion, it had everything I liked about ClassicUO, but it had gridded containers with a search function. For scripting options, I actually feel more comfortable with Javascript than I did with UOS or Python, and I think that Orion has a great set of Objects and Functions for scripting. I haven't ran into any issues getting anything I want to work, yet.

So here's my screenshot - I'm playing on an UltraWide so it's going to be a big wide shot. I'm curious as to how you guys have your UI setup. Please post your screenshots as well. I'm always looking for ways to improve my UO experience! :p

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