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Helpful Tips Corpse Summoning - Resurrection - Insurance


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This is how to deal with death in a few ways on UOAlive


  • You can insure most important items that are not cursed so if you die they do not fall to your corpse and will be with you upon resurrection. Left click your character and select Insure Item. Then click the item in your pack or on your Paper Doll you wish to insure. You must have money in the bank to cover the fee upfront. Cursed items cannot be insured.

Corpse Summoner

  • If you do lose a body and cannot get to it in time, you can use a corpse collector for a fee in Britain to have it brought to you. You have 1 minute to loot your corpse before his minion literally eats it.

Pet Resurrection

  • A pet resurrection stone in Zento