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Active Events Cupid's Corruption: Wind will never be the same! A UOAlive Exclusive Valentine's Month Event!


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In a land where love and happiness once flourished, a dark force has taken hold. Cupid, the embodiment of love and joy, has been seduced by the manipulative Frigga and turned to the path of evil. Armed with their power of corruption and spreading their signature hue of pink, they've plunged the once peaceful town of Wind into chaos and threaten to infect the rest of Sosaria with their malevolence.

But all is not lost, as the call has gone out to those brave enough to challenge the corrupted duo and save Sosaria from their grasp. Heroes from near and far are gathering, determined to vanquish Cupid and Frigga and restore balance to the land. With courage in their hearts and weapons in hand, they set out on an epic quest that will test their strength, wits and resolve.

The road ahead will be perilous, but the rewards for those who emerge victorious will be beyond measure. Riches, glory, and the gratitude of all Sosaria await those who succeed in freeing the town of Wind and bringing love back to the land.

So, hero, will you answer the call? Will you face the corrupted Cupid and Frigga and emerge victorious, reclaiming Sosaria for love and light? Will you be the one to restore balance and bring love back to Sosaria? The fate of the land rests in your hands. The journey begins now.

Location and Time:
The City of Wind in Trammel - Feb 10st to Feb 15th


On Feb 10th a portal will open up to Wind so you do not need 70 magery to enter!


What we know:
The City of Wind has been overrun by monsters of all types. When you get there there are a few objectives:

1: Defeat the Champion Frigga in the Grassy Knoll. Spawns every hour after completion.

2. Clear the city of all the evil adorably pink monsters, collecting their arrows of love on the way to turn into A mysterious box has been sighted in the Nujemn Cemetery!


Fill it...

And you will fight in the Nujemn Graveyard!


3. Speak to Daniel and help him find his lost Valentine Cards! This is repeatable for different rewards!


4. Speak to Maria and help FIGHT FOR THE LOVE! This is repeatable for different rewards!

There are many fun prizes and rewards you can gather throughout this event.

  • Pink Sovereigns for redemption on the Valentine's Day Stone in Magincia
  • Stuffy Animals including but not limited to A Stuffy Dwagon.
  • Candy
  • Hair Dyes
  • Pet Dyes
  • A Rare PINK Spellbook with decent start stats
  • Special Drops throughout the month
  • Furniture
  • Flowers, cards, and arrows with the names of your fellow players on them! UNIQUE to active accounts on the server!
  • Some rare Spellbooks, Weapons, and items off certain bosses! They drop directly into your pack like an Artifact would. 5 items available.
  • Exclusive Drops throughout the month.
  • Valentines Day Special Gifts

And so much more!

See you in Wind!
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