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The UOAlive Easter Egg HUNT has begun.
But trust me, this year, the eggs are not the ones being hunted, YOU ARE!
Speak to Finn outside the Britain Castle Gates if you are Brave enough to adventure out into the woods!

Be careful, there are all sorts of new strange rabbits about, but there robot overlords... we've said too much!

  • This event has been made so all items go direct to pack as well as some items do drop to corpse. You will want to check both!
  • Fighting together, which is encouraged, will not effect loot, all participants are rewarded a roll on death for the special items and all participants can get them off the same creatures!

Screenshot 2023-03-31 143620.png

  • Easter eggs GALORE!
  • Collectables
  • One of a kind drops(hint... footwear and earrings as examples)
  • Jelly beans
  • Giant Jelly Beans
  • Bank Checks
  • Rabbit Statues
  • Power Scrolls
  • Resources
  • Runic tools
  • Dyes
  • Easter Baskets
  • This ain't even the half of it...