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Player Written Guides Gardening 101 by RoryC


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What is gardening?


"Gardening is a non-Skill based activity that any character can try. It allows you to grow many different types of decorative Plants, some of which even produce valuable resources." Stolen from uoguide.com

You can start with a bowl, some dirt, water, and a seed.

Bowl - Provisioner

Fertile Dirt - Earth Elementals - or - purchased from NPC Mystics in Ter Mur

Water - Provisioner

Seed - Boglings

BUT, I would highly recommend having a Raised Garden Bed. Why? Because without it, you need water, and potions, and OMG WHY?!?!

Raised Garden Beds are available from the UOStore for 375 sovereigns for a set of 3.


See here if you want to go the old school route

The Basics​

The very basic of gardening is you plant a seed, you get more seeds (most of the time), maybe a resource, and a plant. But there is so much more to it. Seeds! Resources! DYES?!? Cross-pollination! Peculiar Plants! SO many colors! Quests!

So, lets get some seeds!

The initial starting seeds are dropped by:

They will come in one of 4 varieties: Plain, Red, Blue or Yellow

At this point, it is unknown what type of seed you have. You can plant it and wing it, or use Poppies Dust or a Seed Box.

You can get the seed box from the Magical Stone Exchange for 250 Soverigns.


Once planted, it takes 9 days for the plant to be ready to harvest.

If the plant produces seeds or resources, you will start getting 1 a day for the next 8 days. 17 days from the day you plant the seed until the last seed/resource is given.

Beyond The Basics​

Ok, you got a seed, you planted it, you got more of the same seeds, now what?


On day 7 of the plant life cycle, you can choose to cross-pollinate your plants.

Doing so is how you will get different types of plants. The following is from uoguide.com

The seeds you start with are going to be one of 3 types:

  • Ferns
  • Campion Flowers
  • Tribarrel Cacti
From there, you can cross them to get one of the other types of plants, Keep that process up and you will be able to grow all of the 17 listed!

Cross-pollination is also how you get different colors of plants.

See here


You take your Red/Blue/Yellow starter seeds and cross them together for Purple/Orange/Green.

So Blue/Red = Purple, etc.

On top of that, colors can be Bright. Cross-pollinate the same colors will result in the bright version.


Growing plants doesn't just give you a plant!

You can gain seeds and additional resources.

Green thorns

Red Leaves

Orange Petals

Cocoa Pulp

Poppies Dust


Bark Fragments

and more!

You even have a small chance, when harvesting seeds, to get a Seed of Renewal

Mutant, Peculiar, and Other Seeds​

There are plants out there that don't give you seeds. And you can't cross-pollinate to get them.

They are drops on monsters or rewards for a quest.

Mutant Plants are most often obtained by completing the Naturalist Quest.

The Naturalist quest will net you 1 mutant seed in either a rare pink, magenta, or aqua color.

If you go above and beyond, and find the secret colony, you will get a white, black, or fire seed.

Once grown, you can have a rare colored plant, or cut them up to make plant clippings for natural dye.

Peculiar Plants are grown with seeds dropped by monsters. See the list for which monsters.

Fragrant Seeds are used to grow coca trees. These trees will give you seeds and coca pulp.

Bonsai Seeds will grow little bonsai trees

Natural Dyes​

Once you have your awesome plants in cool colors, why not make some dyes?

Sword looking dull? Quiver of infinity looking…stock?

Be the envy on Sosaria with new duds!

Things you can dye:

You need a couple of things to make Natural Dyes, in addition to either Cooking or Alchemy skills of at least 75.

The first is the pigment

You will need:

Clippers - Made by tinkers

A plant to clip

an empty bottle

and your appropriate crafting tool

Single click the clippers and select plants

Double click the clippers and select the plant you want to make into clippings. This destroys the plant.

But now you have clippings!


Next you need Color Fixative, again needing at least 75 skill in either Cooking or Alchemy.

You will also need:

A bottle of Wine

Silver Serpent Venom

Once you make your color fixative and have your pigment, now make your Natural Dye with the appropriate tool for your skill.

But wait, there's more!

You can mix the pigments and get even more colors! (do this before you create the dye, while still in pigment form)

See Here for a preview of colors