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Player Written Guides General New Player Guide (Paladin+Crafter Template and getting started)


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i wrote a little guide which gathers some information that might help you starting out. Since english isn't my native language, dont judge me to hard. If you know better, have further information or think that i wrote something wrong - post it and ill try to adjust the guide. That beeing said, lets jump into it...

This is a Basic guide for:

  • People who didnt play for a long time
  • People who want to get some first directions on this shard
  • People who want to play a Paladin as their first Char
  • People who just want a general overview

This Guide will let you set up a Melee-Fighter, Crafter and a Base for further exploration oft he Shard. This guide isn’t written by a pro so dont take it as „the best“ approach for the content. It is one which worked out fine for me.

This guide (explanations, Screenshots) do use the enhanced client. Most oft he stuff should still work on the classic client though.

A lot of informations have be gathered by trying out, read different forums but especialy by watching the Sampire 101 Videos (even though the build in the video is a sampire, it has a very in depth information in general).

Some words to other Builds:

  • You will often hear that Sampire is a very strong build. That is correct – however it is not a good coice if starting out on a new server since it costs a lot. This build though could transist into a classic Sampire build later. (ill cover a little section about this)
  • Tamer (in different variations) is very strong as a starter since you have a meatwall (pets).
  • Provo Bard also seems to be a popular starter which lets you do higher content earlier (since you let 2 similar mobs kill each other)

Basic Shard Knowledge

  • The Community is very helpfull. Ask via Dicord and you will get quick help.
  • This is a PVE-Shard. You can enjoy the whole world without having to look for PK’s.
  • The Skillgain is very fast. Each swing from 0-100 will give you 0.01 Skillgain. 100 SMS is made within 1-2hour or so (starting at 40). (Same for most other skills)
  • When registering in Forum and joining the Discord, you will receive a token which sets 5 Skills to 90. I highly suggest to use this on your crafter. Even though the crafter Skillgains are very fast also, it needs ressources. (which you fighter basically doesnt (besides from gold for Chiv)
  • New Player Quests for faster Skillgain in Newhaven. You can do them but you dont have to (doesnt make much difference at least for me)
  • Special Moongates
  • Community Rune Library -> get fast to your Dungeons
  • Tokuno Player Vendor Plaza -> Most Player-Vendors
  • Britain Crafter Station -> Everything needed to craft/Imbue + higher Skillgain
  • You dont have to eat

Goals of this Guide
  • Setting up the Paladin + a Crafter
  • Farm ~40k Gold
  • Buy a House
  • Go for Treasure Hunts
  • GM Blacksmith/Carpentry/Imbuing
  • Craft Gear and finalize your build

Why Paladin? For me it is because i like the melee playstyle. Sword, Shield, Plate-Armour, Bandages go. Simply jump in the Game without much setup-cost.

The Template is:
  • 100 Swordmanship
  • 100 Anatomy
  • 100 Chivalry
  • 100 Healing
  • 100 Resist Spells
  • 100 Parrying
  • 100 Tactics
These are 700 Skillpoints. The cap is 720. When you have the money the cheapest thing is probably to raise Swordmanship to 115 via Powerscroll (30-60k Gold). When you have more Gold (and want to raise more skills towards the 100, i’d probably lower Chivalry (but not under 60) – or drop resist Spells.

Skills in Detail:


Wellrounded for Singletarget and AOE. Weapon to go for when starting out is a Katana (highest Swingspeed and therefore Damage + Armor Ignore). Scimitar can be used for Whirlwind-Attacks and also has a fast swingspeed.

Increases Damage done to Monsters. Increases HP healed with Bandages.

This makes us a Paladin and we will use different Skills from here. Buffs will stay longer as you karma increases.
  • Consecrate Weapon, Buff which lets your Weapon do the Damage type which you opponent is weakest to. (Spam this and try to keep it up)
  • Enemy of One. You will do more Damage to an enemy-class but will receive more damage from Mobs of other classes. After using the buf, the first monster you hit will highlighted in orange. (and others oft he same class). Be carefull with this. I suggest to not cast it if you have a mixed group of monsters. To cancel the effect, just recast it.
  • Divine Fury – Situational. Helps a lot in terms of damage output but also weakens you. Try out and get a feeling for it when to use. (i Suggest to have Lifeleech and Defense Chance increase on the gear when using it)
  • Close Wounds – We generally heal via Bandages… If you have to heal a lot, you can mix this in.
  • Cleanse by fire – Cures Poisons. You cant close wounds while Poisoned.
  • Sacred Journey – we use this to recall
  • Noble Sacrifice – Mass Ressuruction in Group Scenarios
To be able cast Chiv-Spells you have to tithe Gold. You do that in the fighting-Pit-Area left tot he gate (east of the bank) within the hall – leftklick the ankh, choose tithe gold, enter what you want to tithe. The Gold will be taken from your bank (doesnt work when in you backpack).

You use this to heal yourself up. You need Bandages for this. Go to the Yesmina the weaver, get a bolt of cloth and a scissors. Use Scissors on the bolt. The again on the folded cloth. Take ~100 bandages with you, later more if you feel like.
With 60 Healing, you sometimes cure poison. With 80 Healing you are able to resurrect.

To Mention: Selfhealing has been Buffed recently on UOAlive. At 100 Healing a Bandage will heal you within 2 Seconds for 36-60HP at 100 Healing/100 Anatomy

Resisting Spells
Lessens the effect and duration of things cast on you (except damage).

You will Parry Blows which will make you take no damage from them

Increases Damage and allows you to do Special-Attacks with weapons

Secondary (free) Skills:
On UOAlive, a lot of other Skills can be maxed without touching the 720-Skillcap. Those are
Begging, ArmsLore, Camping, Forensics, Mining, TasteID, Cooking, Fishing, Lumberjacking, Tracking, Lockpicking, Hiding, Cartography, Item Identification, Herding, Remove Trap, Detecting Hidden
And can be read here: https://www.uoalive.com/forum/threa...d-dont-count-towards-your-total-skillcap.521/

Free Skills we will use for Ressource Gathering
  • Mining
  • Lumberjacking
Free Skills we will use for Treasure hunting
  • Lockpicking – for opening treasure-Chest
  • Cartography – for identifiyng treasure maps
  • Remove Trap – for removing traps in t-chests
Step 1: Create a char (Paladin)

  • Choose Human, cutomize the skills and go for 50 Chivalry, 50 Anatomy, Swordsmanship 20
  • Elf is also a viable option here!
  • Go for 45Str / 35 Dex / 10Int (they will raise fast)
  • Choose Rewards -> Ethereal Steeds -> Ethereal Horse Statuette (Dont choose the rest for now)

Step 2: Create a char (Crafter)
  • Choose Gargoyle, customize Skills and go for 50 Magery, 50 Bowcraft
  • Go to Bank, Say „Bank“ put the 1k Starting-Gold in, Log Out,
  • Thats it for now (Login with the paladin again)

Step 2: Setup you Screens
  • Arrange the hotbars as you like it. It depends on your Screensize. Here is an example of what works for me:

  • To Add things to you Hotbar you go to Actions and Drag the symbols in it
  • If you want more things to be done in one click, you create a Macro and drag in more actions
  • Usefull Things
  • From Paperdoll -> Character Abilities -> Double Strike & Armour Ignore (Weapon Primary and Secondary Attack – might differ depending on you weapon)
  • From Book of Chivalry – Spells as listed above
  • Actions -> Items/Abilitys -> Bandange self
  • Bank -> New Macro -> Add from Communication:

  • This will open your Bank account, say your current balance, call the guards if attacked in a town, and do stuff we will talk about later
  • Last object (F1)
  • Last Target (F2)
  • Lootbag -> Actions -> Toggle Lootbag -> really useful!! (have a Bag in you backpack, open it, klick toggle lootbag, target the bag). All loot (except Gold) will now automaticly be put into that bag (it is tagged yellow)
  • Loot (X) -> New Macro -> Targeting -> Target Next Object + Use targeted Object
  • If you kill enemys one by one and dont move (much) after killing, it will open you the corpse oft he monster you just killed (works 80-90% oft he time, try it out, definitly qol)
  • Actions -> Open Door (Blank-Key)
  • Target next enemy -> Mouse 5 (or Mousewheel up)
  • Target last enemy -> Mouse 6 (or Mousewheel down)
  • A good explanation for the gui can be found here:

Step 3: Spend first Money (Buy Skills & Items)

  • Go to Bank, type „Withdraw 600“ (all chars share the pure gold) you now have 1600 in you backpack (bp), 400 in the bank
  • Go to the Training-Pit East of the bank
  • Buy Skills:
  • Swordsmanship from 20 to 40 (200Gold)
  • Tactics from 0 to 40 (400 Gold)
  • Healing from 0 to 40 (400 Gold)
  • Parrying from 0 to 40 (400 Gold)
  • Tithe Gold (400 from Bank)
  • Buy Bolt of cloth from the weaver north oft he bank, Scissors, cut to Bandanges (~130 Gold) (DONT Buy Bandages directly from the healer, they are much more expensive)
  • Buy a Leather Bag (Provisioner) (6 Gold)
  • You should now be left with near to no Gold. (Train Resist Spells 0-40 When you have the Gold later)
  • Set your Lootbag
  • Double-Klick you Mount-Statuette in the Backpack
Step 4: Go out and Fight!
  • Head out to the graveyard
  • If you are just starting out, you will have the „Young“ status which will prevent the mobs from attacking you. (the will though attack you if you started attacking them or target the in warmode, they just dont auto-aggro you)
  • Run to a Zombie, go into Warmode, klick M5 (next Target) which should make a aura-thing around that mob (instead you cold just klick it) - You will start attacking it
  • Once it is killed, either doubleklick the corpse or click „x“ which will automaticly open the next corpse, loot Gold and everything by rightklicking it (Gold goes to the Backpack, rest to the set bag)
  • Skills to use: (for now)
  • Consecrate Weapon
  • Double Strike
  • Enemy of one (for tougher enemys like the bone knight or when you see a group of 4 of the same enemy-type)
  • Repeat until you have either ~300 Gold or inventory is full, ride back to town, sell what you dont use, bank gold, go back & kill stuff
  • Restock Bandages between the runs if needed, Tithe Gold (you can see how much you have left by in the upper right corner of you chivalry book)
Step 5: Equipment & Loot
  • In the first runs just take and Equip what you find and can wear
  • If you didnt find a shield buy a Metal Kite shield for ~130gp (you cant Parry without)
  • What you dont use should be sold (especially Plate Items get you some Gold early on)
  • Jewelry should always be picked up and kept. (if not equipped)
  • Properties on magic Items we look for (but dont overstress this for now)
  • Phys-Resist (Damage of most Mobs in New Haven)
  • Dex/HP/Stamina/Life
  • Ring and Bracelet
  • Swing Speed Increase (SSI)
  • Damage Increase (DI)
  • Hit Chance Increase (HCI)
  • Dex/Str/Stamina/Life
  • Weapons: High Base-Swingspeed such as Katana or Scimitar is best.
  • Swing Speed Increase (SSI)
  • Damage Increase (DI)
  • Any Hit-Effect is better then nothing
  • Life/Stamina/Manaleech is also good
  • Shield: Just look for a Magical one with a lot properties
  • I Suggest to start to collect a „Lower Reagent Cost“ (LRC) Suite. This is a Property which can be on almost any Equipment-Piece. When „Lower Mana Cost“ (LMC) is also on the item, this is even better! We will use this later for this char to train Chivalry and Necro/Magery on other chars.

Step 6: Spend the first 1-2k from your Loot
  • Log in with you crafter
  • Go to the Rooftop of the bank
  • Buy from „New Player Vendor“
  • 10 Mark Scroll (1000)
  • 5-10 Recall Runes (25gp each)
  • Stay on the Rooftop, Mark two runes for here (one for the Paladin, one fort he crafter) , Find a Place where u can put/hide it on the ground outside new haven, go back to new haven, logout, login with the mainchar, run out, get the rune (the mainchar will now be able to recall back to newhaven bank with sacred journey)
  • You could also mark another rune near the graveyard but i didnt find that necessary

Step 7: Earth Elementals (New Player Dungeon)
  • After you can clear the graveyard without much hustle, head for Earth Elementals in the Mine (you can go to the rooftop of the new haven bank and take the moongate on the north)
  • (Try this out a bit – if you cant handle it yet, farm a bit more skills and gear in the graveyard or test the ettins south of newhaven)
  • Right after teleporting in there are 2 Elementals… Run North until they dont follow you and try picking them one by one.
  • For the Start, allways collect Gold, Gems, Jewelry
  • Gems will sell for 25-60 each, so that quickly sums up
  • Jewelry is for having options to choose from, disenchanting and imbuing them later
  • If you have made you first 5-10k, stop selling the gems and instead keep them for imbuing later
  • Other Loot
  • Iron Ore – i personally kept it for crafting later. This will however force you to much more frequently go back to bank and store it.
  • Treasure Maps – those are Lottery Wins! Pickup! Always! Each will make 20-40k Gold! (read more in section Treasure Hunting)
  • Paragon Treasure Chests – can also contain a treasure map + other loot
  • If you notice that your skills stop gaining: Check Focus and Meditation, these also automaticly leveled up and are in the 720-cap. Set the to level down in the Skills menu (the reason why we have let them leveling was to benefit from the regeneration they give as long as possible)
  • As an idea: I made ~1k iron ore here, which is ~200 Earth elementals, which is 10-20 circles. This will also give you 40-60k gold and 2-3 treasure-maps. The first rounds are somewhat slow – but when your skills reach a threshold, it goes fast. You can probably venture to other content earlier – i just grinded the spot out when i became used to it.
  • Sidenote: in the middle of the mines are Lizardmen. You can reach them by doubleklicking the rope in the south-east of the dungeon. I however dont recommend you to kill them. They are faster to kill but also bring just 40-60 gold. In addition, the always stand in group, so you have to kite 3-4 often which sums up in damage on you fast. In short: the Risk vs reward isnt worth it.
  • Sidenote on Paragorns (red versions of mobs): Those are harder to kill but also most of the time have better loot (e.g. T-Maps and Paragorn Chests). Always try to kill them if possible!

Step 8: Spend the next 5-10k
  • Teleport to Tokuno Player Vendor Plaza
  • Left-klick you Char -> choose Vendor-Search (Tutorial here: https://www.uoalive.com/forum/threads/vendor-search-tutorial.854/ )
  • Get used to the Search-API, dont Spend more then 1-2k per Item, you will primarly buy from other new players which sell low-level magic items
  • Focus on a weapon first (which might also be fine for up to 5k now if you didnt find one yet)
  • A good allround-weapon would be a Katana or Scimitar with:
  • 40% Damage Increase
  • 25% Swing Speed Increase
  • 26% Hit Mana Leech
  • 44% Hit Ligthning/Fireball/Lower Defense
(Less stats are fine though)

  • For Armour/Shield/Jewelry just look for most possible Stats for now. Good things are
  • Damage Increase / Swing Speed Increase / Hit Chance Increase (!!!!)
  • Resistances per Piece to get closer to 70 resistances
  • Dex/Int/Str/Mana/Stamina/Health
  • Defense Chance increase
  • Nice to have: regeneration, Damage Eater, Soul Charge, Luck, Nightsight
  • When you found an interesting item, you see where it is located. You can then klick „create map“, then run for the location and buy it from the player Vendor there. (i didnt use the teleport option much in the beginning since it costs 1k gold per teleport)
  • You might want to setup a vendor now by yourself. Even though you can do that i suggest to do so at the moment. Magic Items drop like candy and what you think is worth something is probably shit. Pricing stuff needs knowledge oft he metagame and so on… If you still want set one up ask in discord how to do that (i wont cover that here)
  • Insure the items you wear. (left klick your char, choose open item insurance menu, check the ones you want to insure, pay) these items will be in your inventory when your have been killed

Step 9: Treasure hunts
  • The First Maps you will find are „Treasure Map leading to a xxx Stash“. These are the easiest ones and i suggest to not dig up the Supply & Cashes if you should have found one yet.
  • You should have 90-100 Swordsmanship and geared a bit up before going for you first hunt.
  • For Treasure-Hunting you need
  • 27+ Carthography -> to identify the spot where to dig (just double klick the map)
  • 30+ Lockpicking -> to open the chest with a Lockpick
  • 30+ Trap Disarm -> to dont get Damage when opening the chest
  • Lockpicks – buy 5 at a tinker
  • Shovel - buy 1 a miner NPC
Get all Skills at the Trainer. (Lockpicking + Disarm at a Tinkerer / Cartho at a Mapmaker [eg. Tokuno Market southwest of the center in a building)
  • You can Train Lockpicking straight up to 100 for free
  • Teleport to the rune-Library via Moongate go in, left through the room with the polar bears, outside on the balkony.
  • Double klick the Lockpicking Training Box
  • Double klick the Lockpick-Stack right next to it
  • Klick the Box as target
  • Make a new marko
  • Last object
  • Wait for target
  • Last target
  • Bind the makro to f5 (or whatever)
  • Makroing
  • If you have a gaming keyboard (Like Logitech G710 or similar) you can now setup a loop for klicking f5 every Second (1000ms)
  • You can download easyUO or autohotkey to make such a loop
  • If you dont want a 3rd Party-Software, you can make it loop 10 times within the makro instead.
  • You can just press f5 until you have 100 lockpicking
  • You cant completly semi-afk this. Every 20-30 Skillgain, you have to doubleklick the Lockpick-Box to set it to you current skill-level!
  • Note that for the start (Stashes), 30-50 Lockpicking is totally fine. If you make higher maps, dont forget to raise the skill! It would be stupid to find the spot, dig the treasure up, kill the mobs and then not beeing able to unlock it.
  • Those Stashes will have 15-30k gold in them and should really boost you on you journey.
  • If you never did a Treasure hunt, watch a video about it, it will help to understand what to do (and i wont cover that here)

Step 10: Your first House 40k+ on the bank

  • This is your next big milestone. Setting up a Base for further exploration and crafting will ease your progression by a lot.
  • Your bank will probably be full of stuff right now (can only hold up to 125 items) – at least if you safed up the jewelry and other magic items. You can place a lot of containers in your house and store stuff in it. Magic Items which you collect to disenchant later and Materials can be transfered between you chars via chests in your house.
  • Use the Moongate (Special Locations) to Britain Forge, ride a bit south to „the saw horse“, go Buy a „House Placing Tool“ for <1k gp from Yarmilla the Architect (or get the tool from any other Architect.
  • To Use the tool, double click the tool and either chose
  • „Classic Houses“ (Starting at 36.750gp) (these are done when placed)
  • „2-Story Houses“ (Starting at 33.000gp) Here you just get the flat floor for hat price but can customize every pixel later. (which will cost you more)
  • Totally up to your personal flavour, but i’d choose the customziable one
  • Finding a Spot for the house
  • I suggest to teleport through the Moongates of Trammel and find a spot near a Moongate. This is useful if you make new Charakters and dont want to run before you have runes.
  • Instead you can just explore the world and find a nice Spot.
  • Up to you!
  • When you found the spot, double klick the House placing Tool, choose the layout and find a spot where you can place it. Differnt things may deny you the placement (Stones, bushes, Trees, different terrain levels. Try and error, this might take some time.

Step 11: Setting up your Home
  • Go to a Provisioner, buy some pouches, lock them down on the floor. (if you want to start crafting Wooden Chests now, read „Crafting“ first)
  • Get your Crafter there, Mark a two runes (one for him, one fort he fighter) Put one of the runes into one of the locked pouches.
  • Login with the Paladin and claim the rune.
  • I highly suggest to set up some loot-Containers and start collecting magical items for your imbuer. (you pick them up from monsters) You will need a lot of materials, the higher the better (Artifacts should often be taken – and they also might fit into your build)

From here you should have a good base. The Next Suggestions may be mixed by your preference:

  • Buy a Runebook at Vendor-Marked for 3,5-4k. Drop your Runes into it. (it is blessed and lessens the micromanagement)
  • Book of Masteries
    • Buy a „Book of Masteries“ for 20-40k from a Player Vendor. You can instead do a Quest-Chain but you need ppl to kill stuff for you at this stage. (just buy the book)
    • Buy a Primer on Swordsmanship Mastery Volume III (~20-50k, may vary)
    • Set Warrior’s Gifts as your Mastery (passive Boost)
  • Powerscroll of Swordsmanship
    • 110ish should be <10k gold
    • 115 can be anywhere between 50-200k (if it is 150+, first get the masteries and a 110 Scroll)
    • Scrolls of Tactics, Anatomy and so on: those cost 500k+ or even millions (at least for the 120ish ones) – get armour/Weapon-upgrades first
  • Level up Chivalry
    • If you have saved up „Lower Reagent Cost“ Equipment, Equip it. It will lower the cost of the gold per cast of chiv-Spells to 0 (if you have 100% Reduced cost). You could also buy that gear, but… For Leveling from 50 to 100 you need 500 casts
    • With that gear on, set up a macro for casting Chiv-spells over and over
  • Level Up Resisting Spells

  • Generally Aim for:
    • Full Resists
    • 30 Hit Chance Increase (HCI) – the more the better, but this is a starter-direction
    • 20 Swingspeed Increase (SSI) 25 from weapon, 5-10 from jewelry+Shield
    • Damage Increase 80+ (40 from Weapon 10-20 from jewelry+Shield)
    • Defense Chance increase when possible 20+ (since Divine Fury will lower it)
    • Stats like Dex/Str/Stamina/Life and even Int/Mana are also fine to give a better buffer
  • What Items to look for?
    • For the start, look for Stats on them. When you have the choice you should priritize Plate over the other since this lets you not take stamina damage when hit. Having a full Stamina-Pool will give you a higher Swingspeed and therefore more dps.
      • Swingspeed – the Formular can be read here https://www.uoguide.com/Swing_Speed_Increase - you will want to have a 1.25 Seconds/Swing which is the fastest. With a Katana you can reach that easily with e.g. 20 SSI from Items and 120 Stamina.
  • Weapons:
    • These Properties are bad onm Weapons: Resistance, Stats, Mage Weapon, some more
    • These are good: Leech, Any Hit-Effects, Damage Increase, Hit Chance Increase
    • Hit Area Effect is bad as a Young player (since you draw unwanted aggro) but fine later on

Dungeon/Farming-Spots after New-Haven
  • Destard (Dungon in Trammel)
    • From Drakes to Dragons, try what you can kill. I went here directly after New Haven and farmed up better Gear
  • Fan Dancer Dojo (Tokuno Islands)
    • Fandancers give 800gp each and are easy to kill 1 by one
  • Abyss-Entry
    • Many small mobs, high density, bring AOE-Weapon/Attack
    • 10-20k within 10-15 minutes possible
    • Enter the Tomb of the king, go to the north fire, say „ord“ and „anord“ at the south fire. The Energy/Firewall will go away then and you can kill the mobs right behind it. This spot is very good early on to make some gold
  • Kirin Pass (Tokuno Islands)
    • Poison Elementals (2 of them, ~1k each)
  • Fire Temple
    • mixed Monsters (Dragon, Drake, Fire-Elemtal, Demon)
  • Blood Dungeon
    • Mixed Monsters (Bloo Elementals 600+ gp each)
There are many more Dungeons and locations to explore… These are just the ones i checked during leveling and liked. Check these and more locations via the Rune-Library by yourself and learn what you enjoy most. Note what you liked, mark runes with your crafter fort he locations, make a runebook with Dungeons. I locked mine at my front-door, so all my chars can use it. When you have some Runes you can run them one ofter the other so you dont have to wait for spawns.

Ressource Gathering
I Suggest to gather with your fighter since the gathering skills dont count towards the 720 skillcap. (When you use a gargoyle Pickaxe later, Elementals can spawn and you wont be able to kill them with your crafter)
  • Train Lumberjacking to 30-40 at the Trainer, get any axe (NOT Pickaxe!), stand next to a tree, doubleklick the Axe, target the tree and repeat (F1/F2) until the tree is empty, go ton ext tree until inventory is full, return to house unload everything. Bark and Heartwood is especially usefull later on! Chop your Way to 100 and stack the Logs and Boards
  • Train Mining to 30-40 at the trainer, get some Pickaxes. Log in with your Crafter, Load some Runes and Mark-Scrolls. Go to Rune Library, find the shelf with mining locations, check them and mark Runes at 3-4 of them which you like. (Prefer ones which have a Smelter at the entrance like Minoc) Log back to you Paladin, collect the runes, teleport to a mine, doubleklick the pickaxe, target the floor, dig for ore. When Backpack is full either go tot he entrance, smelt and repeat or Sacred Journey to your House.
    • If you collected the Iron-Ore from the earth-Elementals, you can also fill that into your backpack, go to a forge and… boring part coming:
    • Split it into piles of 2 ores in your backpack, then smelt every stack of 2 by itself. (this will give you a gain of 0.01 for each smelting-attempt (if you smelt a big stack, the gain is much less)
    • Rare ore should be smelted after you have no more gains with iron. Do the 2-Stack-Thing here especially!
  • You can also go fishing, cooking for free with you mainchar.


Step 1: get your Skill-Token!

Step 2: Use the Skilltoken
  • Your Starting-Skills were Bowcraft Fletching and Magery.
  • The whole Template will be:
    • 100 Blacksmithing
    • 100 Carpentry
    • 100 Fletching
    • 120 Imbuing
    • 100 Tailoring
    • 100 Tinkering
    • 60 Magery
  • So choose Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Imbuing, Tailoring, Tinkering with the Skilltoken to be set to 90
These are 680 Skillpoints. If you can afford the Powerscrolls, this leaves room for customization on what you want to push to 120
We dont have Alchemy or Inscription on this char. (make another for that if you feel you need it)

Arms Lore is considered as a secondary skill and can be brought to 100 for free. You can set up a Makro to level it from 0 to 100 in under an hour. (Use Skill, target an item in your Backpack, repeat via UOAssist)

Few Basics to know as a crafter:
  • You can get 3 Bulk order deeds (BOD) per Day per Crafting Skill. To get those BODs, go to a Vendor/Trainer for your skill (e.g Blacksmith), leftklick him and he will give you one. (Repeat until you have 3)
    • You can then Bribe the Contract so that it will become more difficult to fullfill it but also get higher rewards. The Bribe sometimes is free, sometimes costs gold (depening on how frequented the vednor is by players) If you want tob e a professional briber you can set up runebooks for each crafting typ which teleports you to different vendors.
    • The main Goal of this is to get runic tools which give a crafting Bonus.
    • Another thing to get is Powder of Fortification (it will max the durability of an item)
    • Read here for more: https://www.uoguide.com/Bulk_Order_Deed
  • Repairing Stuff will lower its maximum durability by one. (When you fail to repair, that will also result in a lowering)
  • In Heartwood (Elven City) are Quests to turn in Produced Stuff for rewards. These Rewards contain special recipes and Talismans.
  • Generally, Producing things 1 by 1 gives more Skillgain with the used materials then producing x in one. (e.g. Shafts/Arrows as a Fletcher or Lockpicks as a Tinker)
  • To Craft, you need the tool for it in you backpack (except Imbuing)
  • For Blacksmithing you need a Forge and an Anvil next to you. You can do that at the Britain Crafting Station (or any other City) or you can craft both as a Carpentrer for your house (which i would suggest you to do)
  • For Imbuing you have to stand next to a soulforge (Ter Mur gives a slight success-Chance, Britain Forge is also fine).

  • Before using rare metals you should level Blacksmithing from 90 to 100. Best ist o make Platemail gorgets. Each needs 10 ingots and will give 0.1 Skillgain. So will have to make 100 Gorgets which will consume 1000 Iron ingots. (you should bring ab bit more but take this as a direction) You could theoreticly start to fill bods while leveling the skill up but i think it is not worth the time. You can either sell the gorgets or smelt them back into ingots. Since Salvaging the stuff is related to Mining – this should be done with you paladin (keep that in mind, it might result in material-losses as a unlearned miner)
    • Once you are 100, you can make your first weapon(s). I suggest to make Katanas (best Swinspeed) from Shadow (gives a durability-Bonus). We dont care for Damage-Types other Metals give since we use consecrate weapon anyways. Produce some katans – we will only use exceptional ones. You should have 50-100 Shadow Ingots for this. The Exceptional will have a 40% Increased-Damage stat on them wich counts as an enchantment. Look for the 2 Katans with the highest Durability (120-130 should be there) These are the ones which we will enhance further
  • Sidenote on rare ores: Goblin Bombers carry 25 Shadow ore with them you can find one in the orc-fort and one in the orc dungeon if you want to target-farm this. Both Spots can be reached from the rune-Library (there is a book with orc-camps)
  • If you want, you can also craft your armor. To jump deeper into this, i highly suggest you to watch the sampire-Crafting videos mentioned earlier. The information in it are very detailed.
    • Just a Side-note on that. In the video, they will craft endgame-Equipment. You can do a lot of content with slightly less optimized items. (and it will cost you a lot less! 90% of the cost come from the last 10% of the minmaxing)
  • For your first exploration-runs you will be fine with imbued exceptional items. The use of Powder of Fortification is not necessary at the point you are still following my guide.

  • The Basics:
    • Before Imbuing, you have to disenchant Stuff. This will net you some Skillgain (for your journey from 90 to 100) and also give you essences (which you will need das ingredients for further imbuing)
    • At this point you will need your saved up magic items.
    • In Terms of jewelry. Dont disenchant Rings and Bracelets with just Swing Speed Increase on it – this cant be crafted manually! So have nothing but this on an item will be a good base to imbue further. (If you have one with 10 SSI and nothing else, this is very rare!)
    • An item (Weapon, Shield, Armor, Ring, Bracelet) can have up to 5 Properties. Exceptional items and some other often come with one during the crafting process. (e.g. 40% Damage Increase on an exceptional Katana)
    • With each Property on an item, it becomes more difficult to imbue another Property on it. If you fail to imbue something, some of the materials will be lost (the item will however stay)
    • Besides Essences, you will also need gems (which you hopefully picked up while killing the earth-Elementals.)
  • To Imbue, you dont need a tool but have to stand next to and imbuing Station (e.g. Britain Forge, the one in Ter Mur or any player owned-one)
  • The Powerscrolls for imbuing can be earned via easy Quests found in Ter Mur (Quest-Givers are around the center Forge)
Imbue Weapons
    • Katana- Allrounder Single Target Weapon
      • 40 Damage Increase (comes with the Exceptional Weapon itself)
      • 26 Mana Leech -> Imbue by yourself, higher would cost expensive crafting Materials (dont do that now)// to be able to use your special moves more often
      • 44 Hit Lightning
      • 44 Hit Lower Defense or Hit Fireball
      • Last Properties can be
      • Up to 25 SSI if you dont have 20 already on Ring/Bracelet/Shield
      • Either Hit Lower Defense or Hit Fireball (what you didnt choose before)
      • Hit Life Leech or Stamina Leech (if you feel you need it)
    • Radiant Scimitar– Allrounder AOE-Weapon – Special Attack Whirlwind
      • 40 Damage Increase (comes with the Exceptional Weapon itself)
      • 26% Mana-Leech – needed for spamming whirlwind
      • 26% Life Leech OR Hit Area Damage (Try it out, depends on your gear and if you can mitigate enough oft he incoming damage to skip the leech)
      • 44% Hit Lightning
      • 44% Hit Fireball
      • This Weapon will hit all enemys when using the special attack „Whirlwind“ Each enemy hit can proc the „on hit-effects“ which makes these properties even more valuable.
    • Slayers Imbuing this Property on Weapons will be expensive. By the time you have the Materials/Money for this imbue, you should look for another guide. However, for an Endgame Weapon – if you want to target-farm content or spawns you will need special Slayer-Weapons.

  • When you chose Elf or plan to switch your Paladin to the Elf-Race, you can wear Heartwood-Armour. By this, you can have HCI and DI some Pieces. Watch the Sampire-Videos for that. (very good explained)
  • Except from this, you will probably use carpentry for making Chests, a Forge and an anvil for you House.

I didnt have much use for this yet, maybe later for other chars

Needed if you want to make a Archer later. (not covered in this Guide)

Needed if you want to make an Archer later (not covered in this Guide)
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I am not seeing the lockpick stack mentioned in the rune library.
either someone used the Stack of 900+ lockpicks or the GM's changed it to a "bring your own lockpick policy"
However, you can just buy a few by yourself at a tinkerer and train up to 100 with them.
From what i noticed (at least with real chests) - they arent gone after using them... (made 50+ Thunts without loosing one) so normally you should be fine.
Maybe triage or one of the other GM's can restock them soon.

Good Luck on your hunts
Keep in mind.
Secondary free skills(or any skill) can't be bought from trainer NPCs, if you are over 720 skill cap.

And if you want to train some skill, which can't be trained from 0, you're out luck.

If you want to quickly decrease some skill and you're over 720 skill cap.
Just set particular skill to down(decrease) and try to buy some skill from train NPC, in first step it will instantly decrease whole skill to reach 720 skill cap.

For example, Cartography can't be trained from 0, so buy it from trainer NPC before reaching 720.

Skills can be moved with soulstone to another character on the same account.
You can get a Soulstone as a veteran reward (dialog shows at login) or from UO store for sovereigns.
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