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Resolved Gold Sink: Display Cases (Extended) and Codex of Virtue (Rug)!


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Hello All!

There is an item in particular I was really hoping to acquire for my current guild F*V, (Forces of Virtue), and that is... the Code of Virtue rug!

This item was originally a 12th and 20th anniversary reward, so that is the only means of acquiring it, and given that there already are a ton of 20th anniversary items that exist within UOAlive, I was hoping it would be possible to add it to the gold stone for all to have!

In addition, since I love decorating and showing off guild achievements, I was curious if it would also be possible to add an additional 20th anniversary item, being the extended display case!

These items already exist of course (but are a smaller variant) through carpentry.

Obviously I am bias, but I think the inclusion of these two items would be worthwhile for UOAlive.

So that's all I have for the time being!

Thank you!