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Greetings! How to progress?


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Hey! Long time classic player, first time on these newer x-packs (pretty much nothing newer than Second Age).

Even though I have been playing the game on and off for almost a decade now, I really have no idea how to get started. In the previous times I've played, I've either a) Given items and just toured the world a bit or b)Not given items, and played around with NPC plate armor, killing zombies.

This time, I want to properly build up a character or two, and on my own. For that, I need to know where to go, and what to do. UO is a game notoriously difficult to find guides for (but thankfully full of people that are more than willing to help)

So, I'm building a chivalry lumberjack PvM'er, following the guide template on this forum. Where should I GM my skills (New Haven is getting boring), and where should I go next? What sorts of items should I aim for?

I quite enjoy crafting too, so I have a gargoyle blacksmith for that. What is the deal with BoD's? Just got a pitiful 157 gold pieces for 15 mauls, so I must be missing something.

Looking forward for tips, suggestions, and also for any other newbies who wants to hang out.



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chat us on discord, "Matias" there
UOalive invite link: https://discord.gg/qscnHRK

try minoc, the solen hive hole just kill the small ones don't venture too far (for now) decent money in coins and gems and great for skills

skill cap is 720 but these skills dont cont towards the cap:
"Begging, ArmsLore, Camping, Forensics, Mining, TasteID, Cooking, Fishing, Lumberjacking, Tracking, Lockpicking, Hiding, Cartography, Item Identification, Herding, Remove Trap, Detecting Hidden"

get on discord with us so we can help you better with links, pictures and more fluid conversations ( i am more active there )

Solen location:



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Def check out the discord link people are very helpful there and more active then the forums :)

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