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This is a top list of external links UOAlive utilizes:

Link: https://www.knuckleheads.dk/tools/imbuing/jewelry

Description: Imbuing Resource

Link: https://www.uo-cah.com/

Description: Excellent resource for all things taming and pet-related, such as a pet planner and a control chance calculator, plus information on all abilities and magics that can be trained. Also includes some articles around in-game events such as Krampus and High Seas, among others.

Link: https://www.uoguide.com/

Description: All things UO

Link: https://community.stratics.com/thre...to-4-1st-and-second-points-allocation.397882/

Description: Whilst this post pertains only to cu sidhes, the explanation and approach can help new players with understanding leveling tames up to new slots.

Link: https://uo2.stratics.com/homes-and-decorations/designing-and-decorating/tutorials-roofing-101/

Description: Roofing 101