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Past Events Holidays on UOAlive


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Happy Holidays Everyone!


UOAlive has kicked off this seasons holiday celebrations.
There have been sightings of evil elves, Krampus, Santa himself and so much more!

There is also the Artisan festival going on all month long!

Be sure to check out the snowier regions in UOAlive to find out what may be going on and collect your holiday gifts!

A few notable holiday extras for everyone:
- Paragons now have a chance to drop chests in the shape of a present box!
- Holiday Quests have been added to the server.
-3 that will not be listed but can be found by exploring the colder regions of the game.
-2 that are OSI specific: The Artisan Festival and The Krampus Event - Items have been added to the game to buy off the event token vendor for the Holiday.
- You can now collect a special Holiday Tree by clicking the Tree with Presents in Zento Plaza.

- You can collect various Snow Globes, snowmen, timepieces, and Bells from around Britain, damn elves left them lying around!
- The Event Token Stone has had a bunch of holiday goodies added to it.\

- Zento and New Haven have gotten some holiday cheer!

Hope you enjoy your holidays on UOAlive! Also make sure to check out the #supportus section on discord for a Holiday Gift Special!