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Fishing and Cooking

First off, we've made some mouthwatering adjustments to fishing and cooking.
Now, acquiring the ingredients for delectable dishes that offer amazing buffs is easier than ever. No more putting in more effort than the reward warrants. We've also fine-tuned the costs of many items to better reflect the effort required to obtain them. Also – we've extended the durations of these food's buffs to make them more desirable, both for personal use and for those savvy entrepreneurs looking to open a bakery on the Global Market.

Having Fishing skill of 100 or higher will now reward you with rarer and extra materials, increasing your output of culinary creations even further for your Global Market domination.

But wait, there's more! No longer will your tummy grumble in protest as you adventure. We've heard your cries for dragon steaks and bags of skittles. We're flipping the script of "hunger" and offering you a bonus for indulging in culinary delights: Stay well-fed, and you'll gain a juicy luck bonus of 100!

  • Fishing now gives you a 50% chance, if at or over the skill level of 110, to fish up the rare Dungeon Fish in any Deep Water. (Fishing used to only give you deep water fish at skill 80 and above, we've decided to change that up!)
  • Break out those 120 Fishing powerscrolls, you now get a 50% chance to pull up one of each type of fish, deep water and dungeon fish.
  • Increased time of buff from food to 10 minutes from 5.
  • Added Empty Wooden Bowls to sale items of Chefs and Sea Market Vendor (time to make FRUIT BOWLS!)
  • All ingredients on Sea Market Vendor, salt etc have been cut by 75% in price.
  • All sea market vendor items can be placed in the food storage container
  • Fishing Poles retain resource hues, crafter name & if exceptional
  • Fishing can be done from 12 tiles instead of 4, this is an attempt to match OSI's "fishing off a moving boat" technique.
  • Row boats move at normal boat speed.
  • The Chance to get a Legendary or Rare fish has been increased by a significant amount across the board.
  • The Change to get a Legendary or Rare fish has been opened up to Deep Water Fishing when using bait that now gives a 6% chance instead of it's old .0008% chance... (it was bad) This should help a ton with the Buff Fish Pies and Cooking!
    • Your chances will still be higher in the proper location for these fish, but now you can at least get them in the open water.
  • Most of the fish that were duplicate graphics now have a color scheme to match their name.
  • You can now BUY Rare and Legendary Fish bait from the sea market on the Fishing Vendors. (Pick your bait type)
    • 1k for rare with 100 Charges
    • 5k for Legendary with 100 Charges
  • If you have 120 fishing, you can use this bait in ANY water body to get a chance to fish up rare and legendary fish!
  • Depending on your Cooking Skill you will yield more resources from Carvable Rare Fish depending on their weight. They can weight between 10 and 200lbs.
    • 0 Cooking = 4 Max Yield
    • 100+ Cooking = 18 Max Yield
    • 120 Cooking = 25 Max Yield
  • Staying well fed now gives you a bonus of 100 luck versus effecting your swing or spell % chance. (we may expand this further as time goes on, but keeping it straight forward for now.)
  • We are now basing hunger off a better algorithm. You will become extremely hungry after 90 minutes of not eating.
  • You can now eat more before becoming full, allowing you to refresh stamina with food more often and consume your buff food as well. (food has always replenished stamina, so essentially food gave you a form of "stamina potions" but with the ability to eat more, you only need to carry one or the other. This also allows you to eat the better cooked foods if you wish to fill up faster(giving prepared food more value than summoned foods) and you still have room to eat buff food!
    • Yes it is intentional that you can eat a lot more now!
    • Yes prepared food has more fill factor than summoned!
    • The Blessed Bento Box / Lunch box will reduce the weight of food (50% food weight reduction) you carry and is at the Magincia Exchange!
      • When empty it will be the Empty Bento Box graphic. When food is added it will change to reflect.
      • Known issue (cannot drag food on the box to put in)
        Screenshot 2024-04-09 034421.png
    • No you won't get fat.... yet...... j/k... maybe.... no j/k.... hehehehehhe
In case you were wondering here are just SOME of the foods you can make that give your player a buff! (remember we adjusted 300 seconds to 10 minutes)

So, to all you intrepid souls who allowed us to try something new and offered us invaluable feedback – thank you! We sincerely hope that these changes and additions to cooking, fishing, and the hunger mechanics will leave you feeling satisfied and your hunger thoroughly curbed. Bon appétit! 🎣🍳🍔
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