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Player Written Guides IDOC(In Danger of Collapsing) - FAQ


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Q: IDOC? what is this. how does it works?

A: Here is a Link how an IDOC works

Q: I saw the tendrils on the ground followed them and find the IDOC.. what next ?

A: Look here if someone other found it and made a posting. If there is one. You can see the status of
the house ( smoke or no smoke . what that mean.. see later in this FAQ )
If there is no posting and you are the first who see it please made a posting here:
Look at coordinates under the Housesign . ( with [where )

Title is : Facet ( Trammel, Felucca, Malas or Tokuno ) and the coordinates.
For example Trammel 1234.456
And a screenshot of the House ( i prefer Greenshot as screenshot tool )

Q: what does it mean... "no smoke" or "smoke" ?

A: If you see at the house dark vortex and lightnings then we call it "smoke"
This shows that this house could fall within the next 30 min - 3 h !
So if you see that this house is "smoking" and in the posting is still "no smoke"
please write that "smoke" in there..
if it is not smoking.. write "no smoking" in there.. then we could see that someone checked it. and we could look later again.

Q: House is fallen.. have i something to do afterwards?

A: write into the posting "fallen" if no one did it before.
If the posting is yours.. edit the title of the posting in " [Fallen] Facet xxxx.xxx " so that the staff can see this. They delete that posting after a time for better visibility in this part of Discord.

Q: I want to become an IDOC Hunter.. how best tactics?

A: Some of us uses a script in combination of a backend server.. ask @Mustif (Mahaka) for it.
You can also mark runes of greatly worn houses if you riding round.. these will become soon or later an IDOC
I personal mark also fairly worn... so i had an overview of houses which are potential idocs in the future.
**Quick Do's and Don'ts for Those New to IDOC (In Danger of Collapse) Events by Litefin**

- Don't engage the gate guardian; attacking it results in instant death for both pets and players within its range.

- Allow your pets to initiate the attack whenever possible.

- If you're not a tamer, refrain from being the first to attack. The mob will follow you for a distance and then return to the gate.

- After the pets initiate the attack, follow up with spells or weapons.

- If you possess healing abilities, attending to players and pets can still earn you rewards.

- Beware of red dots radiating from the gate; running is advised as it signifies instant death. Alternatively, try positioning yourself "between" the lines.

- Avoid rushing to the completion chest; your rewards are uniquely designated to you, and no one else can loot them. Even if there are items you don't want, place them in a bag and, when finished, drop the bag on the floor. Your unwanted items may be someone else's treasures.

This guide aims to enhance your enjoyment at IDOCs and reduce the frequency of deaths. While death is inevitable, consistent demise is not a pleasurable experience.