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Improved Widescreen Mod and Patcher for Client 7.0 to 7.0.56+


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Thanks to some insight from the new broadsword patches, I have finally tracked down some elusive code which has allowed me to apply the full widescreen (draw range) update to older clients, as well as enhance it better than the original. This mod should work for clients to at least (latest), and could possibly work with a RunUO edit to give a 24 tile server-side update range.


  • Land draw range increased to 31 tiles.

  • Client-side static draw range increased to 31 tiles.

  • Server side static draw range increased up to 31 tiles, mobiles are still 18 tiles (this can be changed in the script).

  • Max optimal resolution is 1600x1400.

  • Tested on Clients [], [], [], and on UOForever and Broadsword servers.
How to Use:

  • The patcher is just a cheat engine script (.CT) which can modify the client in runtime or patch the client.exe itself.

  • Download cheat engine www.cheatengine.org

    and open the .CT script. Then click the computer icon in the top left corner, and either open process (runtime) or open file (patch) and select client.exe. Then click "run script" in the bottom window. https://i.imgur.com/JCJugAQ.png

  • I recommend you test the mod for stability by running the script in runtime (enable at login screen) before patching the .exe directly (also backup the client.exe before you patch it).
Please let me know if you encounter any issues (lag/stuttering). A known issue is tree leaves not applying transparency properly.

Edit 2: Fixed some code that was causing lag/stuttering when moving in an area with a large amount of statics.

Download latest patcher here: http://www.filedropper.com/widescreenpatchupdated5_1