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Patch Last Patch of 2022, What is coming, and Last Chance Holiday Sovereigns

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Hello all, wow, what a year!

We wanted to thank you all for playing on UOAlive! We could not do it without you all and we appreciate each and every one of you!

And what a year it has been. Ups, downs, memories, nostalgia, new nostalgia, new faces, old faces, lost ones, it's been a helluva a year. We even saw an ORC!

UO"Alive" is named that for a reason: The Community that makes it feel and continue to be ALIVE with kindness, empathy, understanding, and just some brilliant and hilarious ideas and moments. Please don't change, unless you are a dick, then change. LOL.

We have kept a close eye on the clarification of the server rules and so far the feedback has been mostly positive. The major thing we hear is it releases the stresses of "FOMA" for many players feeling as though they must bring 3 characters and multi task to compete with others. It also feels more interactive and people forming groups versus just trying to "solo" the world. And that is great feedback for an MMO. So we hope to continue to foster this continuing into the new year.

We love you all, we thank you for believing in us even when we make mistakes(tr1age oopsies shirts increased 50% this year, to 2!) and hope the rest of your holidays are filled with calm and love.

Remember this is your last chance until next year to get in on the Sovereign Holiday Special:

Every holiday season we open up a One Time Sovereign Sale. See the flyer for details!
This event runs from Now Dec 14 - January 1st
You can participate here: http://support.craftingworlds.com/
This promotion can be gifted to another player and that player will receive extra goodies if it is a gift since this is an act of kindness. To claim your gift: DM @tr1age (please include your Account name, Discord name, and Character name(or Character name of the person you are gifting to) in the extras box and DM!) (Crafting Worlds LLC is my parent company that owns UOAlive) As you know we are a no reward dono server SO you DO NOT have to participate in this and this will in no way effect the server economy.
We just figured as a fun way to raise a little money for costs and a way to give to one another during the holiday season!

This will be our last patch until...

The New Year:


Here is a glimpse of what we are working toward for 2023.

Active Immediately:

- Giving back to the NPC and Counselor team for their time invested. (Sovereigns)
Speaking of: In the Britain Market Center, there is a new Statue to thank @StarJewel for all the amazing things she did for the community as an NPC but recently had to step down due to RL obligations. But she always has a spot if she is ever able to return. But for now, her statue stands strong!​
- UOReporters will also be rewarded for their contributions. (Sovereigns)
- This year we will be more consistent with rewarding those who go above and beyond to help the community. This also applies to those who report important bug fixes. (we cannot give you a rare for everything, but we will do out best to recognize your efforts better!)

In development:
- Making the New Player experience more enjoyable and guided.
- Make the world feel more alive... UOAlive.
- More storyline events to deliver more ways to adventure and explore UOAlive: run by the GMs and Staff.
- Working with Players to enhance and empower more Player Run events, establishments, and roleplay.
- Continuing to balance the economy. (it is in a great place but could still use improvements)
- Adding publishes that have been missing from ServUO from OSI to UOAlive.
- Adding more creatures and dangers to the world to give every inch of UOAlive a purpose and magic to it.

On the Horizon, i.e. VERY FAR IN THE FUTURE IF WE GET TO IT...
- Constantly looking into Tamers and how to give them more diversity. This one really vibes with us:
- We have given non sampire Melee an amazing boost over the year, and we plan to continue looking at this.
- Bards! Bards needs love too. We are going to put them on our radar.
- PURE Mages... While we love the idea of them being viable this era really is about "enhanced" magic and to "balance" for them will throw off the latter. So we will no longer be putting time into this, but focus on giving the above more love as the "magic" is really in a great place if you don't just look for the "nostalgia trip" of "pure mage".

A note from the staff on any of the above:

All of the development points above are also subject to change, never happen, or just not have an "expected" date. We did want to share our thoughts though so you know where we are looking for the future of UOAlive.

This is a live service. That means balance changes and adjustments may need to happen throughout the year. Any and all items are open to be removed at any time from the server if they are deemed too powerful and throw things out of balance. As much as we can try not to have something slip in, it's easy enough to do. Players are here for fun, not for stress, and I think we all learned that these changes must be decisive and quick. No polls, no suggestions, if it is obviously impacting the server in a negative way, it will be removed, changed, or adjusted accordingly. We value feedback, but sometimes the white horse is just white.

And with that here are your regularly scheduled notes of your last patch in 2022!

  • Snow has befallen Sosaria Until Jan 1st! We know some of it looks weird, but some looks wonderful, so we decided to let you all enjoy it for a few days left in the holiday year! Just know it is buggy, some trees are hidden, some holiday deco is too. Orion shows it all without issue. Other clients may not even see it at all. But for some holiday cheer! WORTH IT!
  • IDOC Detector has been added to the Magincia Square
  • 1671731249247.png
  • Searches all houses placed on a shard when double clicked and lets players know how many are "In Danger Of Collapsing" or "Greatly Worn".
  • Changes color based on global house decay status:
    • Green - No houses greatly worn on IDOC.
    • Yellow - No houses IDOC but found some that are greatly worn.
    • Red - Found houses IDOC.
  • (this was gotten from ServUO and modified for UOAlive)
  • Tiger pelts of all colors have been added to the crafting menu thanks Hammerhead!
  • ScreenHunter_219.jpg
  • Helm of Swiftness added to the Transmog Stone
  • Seems a cold front has hit the UOAlive forums.

  • Glacial Blue Dye is now called Glossy Blue
  • Strobe Lantern now has Spell Channeling (if you have one without it, open a ticket)
  • Increased the Artistan Festival requirements just a little, may have gone a bit far haha.
  • Adjustment frequency of Cu Sidhe colored spawns.
  • Changed Orc Skin Color to match the Hue of the Orc Mask
  • The fun visual items from the Season of the Witch will be added to a new Stone in Magincia to be purchased as "Thanksgiving Holiday Stone"
  • The UOAlive team had a pretty in depth discussion on the worth of Event tokens and the accessibility of Event items for "major events" versus those for "holiday fun events".

    What we have come to agreement on is that some of the stones in Magincia are to be converted to Sovereigns and some will be event tokens depending on rarity of items on them. So for the now the following changes have occurred:

    Changed from Event tokens to Sovereigns:
    - Halloween Holiday Stone
    - Christmas Holiday Stone
    - Fourth of July Holiday Stone
    - Valentines Day Holiday Stone
    Staying Event Tokens:
    - Main Event Stone

    This will help us to balance and release items faster and more efficiently in the future and now. We hope you like these changes as we put a bit of thought into it and find it to be a nice way to give accessibility, while also encouraging groups, events, and participation! :)

    - Toys on a Shelf have been added to their respective stones

Bug Fixes:
  • The Ritual Puzzle should be working
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