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Not a bug Luck value overrun bug

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I'm new to UOAlive, and I'm not sure if this is just a visual glitch of the numbers, or if this is actually setting the value. I've got a -100 luck chest piece that when equipped at 0 luck, rather than being 0 or negative, rolls the luck value to 65436. This could just be a bug in the status display, but if that value is actually hitting the luck stat in game, it could be a huge exploit.

The item:

Character stats with it un-equipped:

Stats when equipped:

Hope this helps squash some bug, if it's nothing, I apologize for the time it takes investigating.



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We have checked this on our test environment chars and it is actually a visual bug. Your luck will indeed be in the negative but the client does not know how to handle it, the real number you cannot see is actually just a repeating value of -654365436543

Thank you for reporting this!
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