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Past Events Memorial Day Weekend Fishing Tournament


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Memorial Day Weekend Fishing Tournament
Over 25k Event Tokens in prizes!
Friday, May 27th to Monday May 30th, 2022

Free to enter! No sign up required.
Participating is easy!!!
Fish all your heart desires, your eyes can strain,
and simply post a screenshot of your biggest fish in this thread....


Big Fish datestamp must be between 5/27/2022 and 5/30/2022.
Winning fish will be verified in game so keep fish until end of tourney.
Mounting a trophy fish will remove the datestamp.


Fishing Feats: How to win these prizes will not be announced rather awarded to the angler who accomplishes a pre-determined feat. For example, there might be a prize for the angler who posts the 100th fish. The angler who does the pre-determined action will win a prize. Our advice is to participate and turn in fish no matter how big or small.

* The tournament will be held Friday, May 27th to Monday, May 30th, 2022. All fish weighed in must have a datestamp on or between those dates. (Note: datestamp is based on UOAlive time, US EST)
* Prizes will be distributed the following week.
* Fish weighed in will be credited to the angler, not who turns. Anyone can submit fish for any angler. Angler must be present to claim winnings.
* f you are found AFKfishing you will be banned from UOAlive and the Tournament.
* An angler can only place 1 fish in biggest and smallest categories. For example, Fisher X might have a 10 stone and a 12 stone fish however only the 10 stone will be credited in the smallest feat category. In addition, Fisher X can also place in biggest with a 199 stone fish.
* No sign up required! Simply post a screen shot of your catch but keep it for prize reward and... DO NOT MOUNT FISH. Mounting a fish will erase datestamp. Fish will need to be verified ingame to collect your prize. Only fish weight will only be recorded. You keep your catch.
* In the case of a tie, we will see who can survive a sea serpent the longest....

Notes on Fishing:
Double-click on a fishing pole, then click on a body of water. If successful, you will catch a fish. You might catch something more interesting than a fish. Success with this skill also depends on the availability of fish in that specific area.
Skill 0-65 - On land you will fish up Magic Fish, and Normal Fish.
80+ - Sea Serpents (No SoS Message), Special Fishing Nets from a boat in deep waters.
90+ - Treasure Maps 100 - Messages in a Bottle (aka MIB) / Waterstained SoS Message from a boat in deep waters.
95+ - You can reel in Big Fish which can be used to make Trophies via Taxidermy Kits. Big Fish are loot on sea serpents (like treasure maps, ancient messages in a bottle, and special fishing nets) from a boat in deep waters.
You can get to 100 skill/Grandmaster fishing from land. Once you have attained 95+ fishing, acquire a boat. You will need a boat to get offshore into deep water to catch Big Fish. Deep waters are generally around 10 tiles from shoreline depending on the area.
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Todays PB, caught off the skara brae docks! :D (191 Stones)

Edit: New PB early this morning! (193 Stones)

Edit2: Ran out of time, so uploading my smallest (that isn't fishsteaks already) and a summary of the extended weekend.
Amazing event, I've fished A LOT in UO before but never like this! Next week, fishing up 80+ mibs :D


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5/27/2022 to 5/28/2022 - Total Fish Caught with Player Name on it so far - 61Fish

Giant Koi
Smallest: 11 stones
Largest: 186 stones

Great Barracuda
Smallest: 11 stones
Largest: 178 stones

Giant Samurai Fish
Smallest: 27 stones
Largest: 90 stones

Yellowtail Barracuda:
Smallest: 118 stones
Largest: 118 stones

Golden Tuna
Smallest: 19 stones
Largest: 188 stones

"A Big Fish"
Smallest: 20 stones
Largest: 56 stones

Black Marlin:
Smallest: 69 stones
Largest: 109 stones

Blue Marlin:
Smallest: 29 stones
Largest: 29 stones


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Whats the best way for us to post our fish in this thread? Individual posts? One giant post with the details? One giant post with screenshots? etc etc
Just threw them all on one pic hope it works havent used a forum in probably a decade lol


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Here are my results:
* Fish 1 Stones (for the lols obviously)
* A Big Fish 49 and 56 Stones
* Black Marlin 30 Stones
* Great Barracuda (right facing) 66, 122, 140 and 141 Stones
* Great Barracuda (left facing) 5, 8, 9, 62, 67, 82, 126 and 129 Stones
* Sea Serpent 1 Stone (also for lols clearly)

Smallest actual named is 5 Stones, largest 141 Stones