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Player Written Guides Mustang and Swamp Dragon Barding resists


Above are all the different coloured bardings. Left to right: Iron, Dull Copper, Shadow Iron, Copper, Bronze, Golden, Agapite, Verite, Valorite.

I've done some testing regarding resists and different ingots used for the barding. Also I've compared the basic iron one to swamp dragon barding; swamp dragon gives slightly more energy resist but the rest is the same. All bardings used here are exceptional so you will get less resists if using a non-exceptional one. I haven't made and tested each colour of swamp dragon barding yet but results should be similar.

Barding TypeResists Given by Barding (phys/fire/cold/poison/energy)
Swamp Dragon Iron30/20/15/20/23
Mustang Iron30/20/15/20/15
Mustang Dull Copper55/20/15/20/15
Mustang Shadow Iron30/20/15/20/40
Mustang Copper30/20/15/40/15
Mustang Bronze30/20/40/20/15
Mustang Gold30/20/15/20/20
Mustang Agapite30/40/15/20/15
Mustang Verite30/25/20/25/15
Mustang Valorite30/20/25/25/25

Arguably, valorite, dull copper, bronze and shadow iron are the best to use as they give the most resist points overall. However they're all fairly comparable so I'd say just go with what you think looks best. If you do wish to min max however:

Dull copper has the best physical resist.
Shadow iron has the best energy resist and gives a durability bonus so will need replacing a little less often.
Copper has the best poison resist.
Bronze has the best cold resist.
Agapite has the best fire resist.
Thanks for the breakdown. This type of armor is new to me so, I'm wondering, can it be used for Nightmares or is this strictly for regular horses?