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The New New Player Dungeon

No more "mines" as a dungeon. This has wings, progression, and a much more distinct feel to get players used to what they are going to go up against as they leave New Haven and venture out into the world.


The New Player dungeon is the next step after you have fought your way around New Haven outside the gates. When you are feeling stronger, step into the depths below Haven for an experience that mimics progression in the world.



Level 1

At the entrance is a healer and alchemist. Buy resources you may need, cure potions, night-sight, bandages, etc for the adventure ahead.

As you progress deeper and deeper the mobs will becoming increasingly difficult until you reach level 2.



Level 2

Level 2 is in wings, the 1st being the easiest and the 4th being the most difficult. Each wing represents a different type of mob you will fight in the game with an end boss type creature at each wings end.

The final wing is a surprise mechanic that you will see later on in game and should be a lot of fun to complete!