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Beginners Guides New player quests (great rewards)

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New player quests are quests that teach new players about skills. These quests can be completed by players that are not new, however, they can only be completed once. Once the quest has been accepted, travel to the region indicated for accelerated skill gains. These areas speed up skill gain by about 0.2 - 0.5 per gain. While under the effects of accelerated skillgain skill points cannot be purchased from NPCs. These accelerated gains end at 50 points in the given skill.
The new player quest reward items are blessed and often contain skill bonuses that apply to the skill objective of the quest. Currently, the resale price for these items is curiously high.

Additional quests​

Additional crafting quests can be completed repeatedly and give rewards of tools and resources. These quests do not give accelerated skill gains.
While not technically a quest, new characters created using the Enhanced Client can face the Dark Knight for additional rewards.

New Haven Map


New Haven Bank​

Forge and Anvil​

Springs N Things​

Pressure Point​

Ninja Dojo​

Hamato Dojo​

New Haven Magery School​

Warriors Training Area​

Warriors Guild Hall​

Necromancers Guild Hall​

Finely Woven​

Gentle Rest​

The West Mill​

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